Light Nourisment Retreat – Sept 2023


Dear friends,

We invite you to this beautiful sacred energetic tour to some of the most important energy centers in Romania, with light nourishment included (you learn to be nourished by prana)

As we have worked with and enjoyed these beautiful sacred places, we felt called to now form a group of those familiar to these activities who feel called to come recharge and tune into more energy portals in the mountains.

Meditation with Cristiana Eltrayan, portal opening and many exercises are available during the tour.

The tour is imprinted by the energies of Isis, Magdalene, Mother Mary, Zalmoxes and other sacred divine beings working with and protecting these places.We will travel through amazing mountain areas of Romania and visit pilgrimage places an sacred sits with beautiful energy portals in Transilvania.

Along the road we tune in to the beautiful energies, find out more about the Pre-Christian Sun worshiping places we visit and the history of an ancient magic civilization that is connected to the greatest sacred civilizations of the world.

During this retreat you learn:

– how to stay connected to the Universe & your Higher Self

-how to reconnect with your soul and  your intuition

– how to detox and re-charge your internal organs;
– how to connect to nature’s elements for more energy/chi/prana;
– how to efficiently extract the energy from your food;
– how to listen to your body to choose the right foods;
– how to overcome the cravings;
– how to have a lighter diet and use your energy more efficiently
-…and much more.
We have daily exercises of energization and meditation, Chi Kung, other forms of conscious moving.

Optional activities (fun stuff):

– visiting ancient places with the abundance and lusciousness of old times;
– nature hikes in one of the places with a very special energy in Romania ;
….and whatever else brings joy and cheerfulness.

Tour dates :  Part 1 – Sept 29th – October 1st ; Part 2: October 2nd-4th

All tour participants will be meeting in Sinca Veche and from there we go by car or shuttle to the tour objectives.

Ziua 1:  – 29 Sept – The Transilvania Amphitheatre & Pestera

We visit a dreamlike landscape in a very high energetic place of the Transilvanian mountains. Just walking on this land upgrades your energy, boosting up your vitality, self confidence and clarity and igniting your passion. All this is topped up by the lusciousness of a great bio resort, so pittoresque  and in tune with nature that you will feel like basking in fairy land
The whole place is built with organic architecture, perfectly integrating into nature and with special care for the environment, all hand sculpted and hand painted
You can enjoy home made drinks, kombucha, birch sap, grandma-like jams and pies and wonderful organic vegan meals

We visit Pestera, a magical vortex between the mountains and dinner at a beautiful retreat center with awesome juices and vegan food.

Ziua 1- Amfiteatrul Transilvania & Sat Pestera

Vizităm un peisaj de vis într-un loc foarte înalt energetic al muntilor Transilvalieni. Doar mersul pe acest pământ îți îmbunătățește energia, sporind vitalitatea, încrederea în sine și claritatea și aprinzându-ți pasiunea. Toate acestea sunt completate de luxul unei locatii bio grozave, atât de pitoreasca  și în ton cu natura, încât veți simți că vă veți bucura de tărâmul zânelor.

Întregul loc este construit cu arhitectură organică, integrându-se perfect în natură și cu o grijă deosebită pentru mediu, totul sculptat manual și pictat manual

Vă puteți bucura de băuturi de casă, kombucha, seva de mesteacăn, gemuri și plăcinte asemănătoare bunicilor și mâncăruri vegane organice minunate

Comsitnuam catre Pestera, un vortex magic in mijlocul muntilor si luam cina la un centru de retreat cu sucuri delicioase si o hrana vegana minunata.

Day 2  – Sept 30th–Sarmisegetuza Regia

The next day we might visit Sinca Veche (if time allows), The Temple of Wishes, a Pre-Christian sacred site worshipping the Sun as well as Mother energies

We then travel by cars to Sarmisegetuza, an important Pre-Christian temple and place of cosmic connection and time measurement, connected to the Mayan calendar, Stonehenge and Gobekli Tepe, among other places. Here, we meditate,connect to the ancient Romanian culture and look beyond the veil of known history.

Ziua 2- 30 Sept – Sambata de Sus  – Sarmisegetuza 

In aceasta zi ne indreptam catre Sarmisegetuza, un vechi templu Pre-Crestin, un loc pentru conectare cosmica si masurarea timpului, conectat cu Stonehenge, Gobekli Tepe si alte situri sacrea ale lumii. Aici meditam, ne conectam cu vechea cultura a acestei civilizatii si privim dincolo de valul istoriei cunoscute. Ne indreptam apoi spre cazare, unde ramanem peste noapte

Daca timpul permite, vizitam Sinca Veche, Templul Dorintelor, un templu Pre-Crestin inchinat Soarelui dar si Energiilor Mamei Divine

Day 3  – October 1st –  A Time Travelling cave

After the morning meditation we visit a cave that facilitates time travelling and the upgrade/ healing of the throat chakra. We hike mildly in a beautiful enchanted forest and we have healing exercise & meditations at the cave

In the afternoon, depending on the general energy of the group, we could visit Saint Arsenie Boca’s sacred site tomb, a place of healing and reconnection that has helped thousands of people. At the end of the day you can choose to stay an extra night to integrate the energies we worked with (recommended), or continue with our next retreat (see below), or head home

Ziua  3  – 1 Octombrie  –  O pestera pentru calatorie in timp

Dupa meditatia de dimineata vizitam o pestera foarte speciala, care faciliteaza calatoriile in timp si expansionarea/vindecarea chakrei gatului.  Megem pe munte intr-o drumetie de intensitate medie (nu foarte dificila), printr-o padure incantatoare si avem exercitii de vindecare si meditatii la pestera. Dupa amiaza vizitam mormantul lui Arsenie Boca , care este aproape de Sarmisegetuza, un loc de vindecare si reconectare care ajuta mii de oameni.

La finalul excursiei puteti alege sa ramaneti inca o noapte pentru a integra energiile(recomandat), sau sa ramaneti inca 3 zile in urmatorul retreat, sau sa va indreptati spre casa

For those of you who can stay longer, we have several extra surprises:

Day 4 – October 2nd – Heading to the Retezat Pyramid : 

After morning meditation we leave towards the Retezat Pyramid, a beautiful mountain road and sacred vortex

Day 5 – October 3rd – Visiting the area of Retezat, and a magical lake

We meditate and have chi kung and other practices around a very special lake amidst the mountais, we connect with the majestic energies of the Retezat Pyramid and the hall of records that it holds, We work with the global pyramids and ancient civilizations

Day 6 – October 4th – Sambata de Sus & surroundings:

We go to Sambata de Sus, the place of the Pranic Festival of Romania, and we meditate with he local energies and visit a beautiful monastery where a powerful pranic saint called Arsenie Boca has lived. Arsenie Boca was mastering pranic healing, bilocation and clairvoyance and had the ability to remote view, foresee future possibilities and heal massed of people. The place has a healing spring that is said to be blessed by him.The place is situated in a valley between the mountains and it connects to multiple portals and literally gives space for interdimensional travelling for those interested

Ziua 6 – Sambata de Sus & intoarcerea acasa

Ne indreptam spre Sambata de Sus.  La Sambata de Sus vizitam o frumoasa manastire si locurile in care a trait Arsenie Boca,un puternic sfant roman care cunostea vindecarea cu lumina si prin rugaciune, bilocatia si vindeca mase intregi de oameni. In aceste locuri vizitam si izvorul cu apa vindecatoare binecuvantat de Sfantul Arsenie Boca.

Return home

At the end of the visit to Sambata de sus, we have dinner/juices and we head home.

Ziua 6  – 4 octombrie- finalul excursiei.

Ne intoarcem acasa. Cei care doresc sa plece pot lua fie avionul din Sibiu, fie un tren/o masina spre Bucuresti, de unde puteti zbura catre tara de destinatie (zborurile sunt mai accesibile din Bucuresti).

The whole group will be meeting in Râșnov and from there transported by cars or shuttle to all the points in the tour. A Romanian-English speaking guide will inform participants on the places we visit and the energetic treasures we tone in to the energy points we visit.

For more information please contact: +4 0746 165 813 or e-mail


October 2nd- 4th333 Euro

September 29th- October 1st-333 Euro

Both Retreats (September 29th – October 4th) – 555 Euro – 111 Euro discount for participating in both retreats who book by August 30

1 Day attendance ( any day of your choice)– 111 euro+ accomodation 

The retreat costs include:

  •  accomodation*
  • daily meditation and portal connecting exercises with Cristiana Eltrayan – Holistic Therapist, Speaker & Author;
  • energizing moments in highly vibrational places;
  • full translated English and Romanian guidance about all the places we visit (should there be visitors from other countries we’ll see how we manage translations; our guide is able to also provide guidance in French and Italian)
  • room bookings and management


  • creating and maintaining a field of harmony, purity and healing to all the places we go to;
  • energy work with all the hosts and people involved for a general harmonious experience
  • energy work for each participant – form the moment for booking the place – to harmonize with the retreat, the participants and the places we go to (it might result in healing, chakra harmonizing, diet changes)
  • energetically preparing the road, the transportation and the meetings between participants
  • subtle energy work with each participant, during the retreat and beyond for personal healing, group integration, harmonization with the sacred sites we visit and integrating certain aspects in the present or other lifetimes
  • working with the local guides, gatekeepers and light beings that are guarding the places and the group
  • maintaining a field of high consciousness to receive the guidance and the right rhythm of the retreat
  • monitoring and (if allowed) adjusting the energy fields and the weather of the places we go to

* Depending on the group type and accommodation type, the food management is up to you. Both retreats recommend light liquid meals(juices, smoothies, teas and soups). If necessary you can have vegan food, no meat

** Transportation is not included, according to the number of participants we will rent cars and share transportation costs between participants. 

To book your place please use Paypal (select FRIENDS AND FAMILY,  otherwise a  comission is to be paid by sender) to make your  reservation deposit of 188E per retreat or pay the full fee of 333E/555 E.

The rest of the tour fee is to be payed one week before the tour date (by Septermber 21st).


Make sure you bring comfortable and also warm winter clothes, hiking shoes and gloves + cap, as the weather can get really cold. The trip might include 2 to 3 h of walks/mild hiking, so make sure your health and tonus are up to that.

All our retreats are vegetarian/vegan. Even if your not vegetarian on daily basis,we recommend taking a few days off meat while you come with us

All retreats are non refundable, but transferrable to other events, online or live