Trip of The SUN 3 India – Ellora & Ajanta – March 2021


We invite you to explore the ancient traditions of India during this epic journey to some of the most powerful sacred places of Ellora, with Cristiana Eltrayan, right after the Pranic Festival in India.

We visit powerful energy vortexes of the sacred sites of india, within the temples built by an ancient civilization who mastered matter in a special way.

Meditation with Cristiana Eltrayan, portal opening and many exercises are available during the tour.


March 9-11, 2021

Day 1 – March 9– Arrival to the Hotel, meditation, group attunement and resting in the beautiful gardens of Ellora.

Day 2 – March 10 – Kailasa Temple

The temple is built within the encasing of a mountain, entirely carved within the heart of the mountain itself. Obelisks, statues and beautifully decorated caves hold the energy of the prayers and rituals of an ancient civilization that mastered the skills of the Gods.

The construction was a feat of a genius – it entailed removal of 250,000 tons of rock and covers an area double the size of Parthenon in Athens. Originally flying bridges of stone connected these galleries to central temple, which have collapsed. A megalith carved out of one sing

le rock, it is considered one of the most remarkable cave temples in India because of its size, architecture and sculptural treatment.The  rock is modeled and made mold in shapes and figurines of a great knowledge and art. The place is imbued with the energy of all the ones having prayed in it and a beautiful Shiva Linga is hidden to be adorned in a sacred secret place of the temple.We visit the temple and the surrounding caves, we meditate, we connect to the ancient civilizations and also the light being that have helped built and maintain the temple.

The afternoon is free schedule for rest, relaxation and meditation.

Day 3 – March 11 – Ajanta caves

We go by cars to the beautiful mountain area of Ajanta to visit the ancient caves where thousands of Buddhist monks and sages have meditated, prayed and held retreats for hundreds of years. The field is powerful and pure and the caves are decorated in the most exquisite ways with statues, paintings and ancient symbols that make it even more high vibrational. Ajanta Caves are world’s greatest historical monument recognized by UNESCO. Nesting just 100 km from the city of Aurangabad in the shape of a mammoth horseshoe, are the 30 rock-hewn caves of Ajanta have been  discovered in 1819, by a group of British officers.

We visit the caves, we meditate, , we connect to the ancient streams of prayers in the area and also with the energy portals that have been created and maintained . We learn to travel between worlds and yet stay grounded. We go beyond the traditional history into

the unknown mysteries of these places. Cristiana Eltrayan is guiding us through the journeys as a gate-keeper, portal opener and experienced meditator in these places.

Elitom El-Amin, breatharian for more than 14 years, and frequently collaborating with Cristiana Eltrayan, is joining us .




The retreat ends in the evening of March 11, at Ellora. We recommend one more night of rest and integration before going home. This can be booked additionally to the retreat.

The whole group will be meeting in Ellora at the hotel and from there transported by cars or shuttle to all the points in the tour. A English-Indian speaking guide will inform participants on the places we visit and the energetic treasures we tone in to the energy points we visit.

For more information please contact: +4 0746 165 813 or e-mail

Costs:  333 Euro/ 366 USD/26,080 INR, which include:

  •  accomodation*
  • daily meditation and portal connecting exercises with Cristiana Eltrayan – Holistic Therapist, Speaker & Author;
  • energizing moments in highly vibrational places;
  • full translated English and Indian guidance about all the places we visit (should there be visitors from other countries we’ll see how we manage translations; our guide is able to also provide guidance in French and Italian).

* As some of the group members are fasting or are on juice diet/breatharians, the food management is be up to you. The hotel offers a large variety of Indian menu choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

** Transportation is not included, according to the number of participants we will rent cars and share transportation costs between participants. 


“Being in the loving guidance of you, Cristiana Eltrayan, during the Trip of the Sun was a beautiful experience. Your devotion inspired me to bring my meditation practice to a higher level. Your radiant and playful presence are like ☀️ sunrays ☀️in my memory. Highly recommended!” A.D. – Netherlands

To book your place please use this link to make your reservation deposit of 188E/ 233 USD/ 13040 INR or pay the full fee of 333E/366 USD/26,080 INR.

The deposit is to be made now or until February 1st. 2021.The rest of the tour fee is to be payed one week before the tour date.


Make sure you bring comfortable and also warm clothes, hiking shoes and some jumper+jacket for evening, as the weather can get  cold. The trip includes 2 to 5 h of walk/mild hiking daily, so make sure your health and tonus are up to that.