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The Pranic World Book - Being Free From Hunger

Have you heard about people who are nourished by light (chi/energy)? People who don’t need to take physical food in order to feel satiety?
Have you heard of people having fabulous discoveries in the spiritual science?

As we traveled and met many of them, and also practiced this lifestyle, we now present you a new perspective and answers on how a shift in consciousness is possible.
This book is meant to tell the story of a possibility, and those who are opened to this possibility can find here some information on how they can make a gradual transition to a lighter diet, but also to a higher Consciousness.


Darkroom Retreat : A Lightfull Mystical Experience

The story of a spiritual  initiation: ten days in Darkroom (perfect darkness, similar to the meditation caves of the ancient mystics) an deep meditation. The author describes the process and the experience, in joy and honesty, offering a journey to self- balance and simple powerful tools for energy recalibration.

Varianta in romana (REATRAGERE IN CAMERA OBSCURA), aici


Get Seduced by Your Own Life

Why "SEDUCED by life"?
Because we don't just want to live out of habit, but to be seduced by our own lives, to fall in love with the day that is just beginning...

Varianta in romana (PASI PENTRU O VIATA SEDUCATOARE), aici



Dragele mele, v-am pregatit o carte ca o bucurie: numai buna de luat la SPA sau pe malul marii, relaxanta, fluida, dar si…utila, caci va ofera indrumarile primite de mine in timpul cursurilor si sedintelor de terapie pentru armonizare feminina...


Să crezi în miracole

Am lansat cartea SA CREZI IN MIRACOLE, "un dar care povesteste experientele miraculoase pe care le-am trait si le traiesc in fiecare zi...".