Soul Healing Coaching Programs


5 Sessions Package Relationships & Couple

Cristiana Eltrayan's therapy sessions - live or on Skype - address people who want a real change in their lives and are ready for it. You can start with the level that is bugging you the most (be it couple, family,career or sexuality) and eventually it all leads to a powerful evolution of the soul, through the therapy process.
During the session you discover exactly how you create you reality and how to shift the areas in your life that are not going well. You become conscious of your manifestation and learn to manifest the outcomes you desire, by being in harmony with the universal flow and with the ones around you. You learn what are the limiting patterns in your mind, but also the blockages in your auric field and body. You begin each session with an energy clearing and recalibration and leave each session with powerful tools and recipes to improve your thought patterns, emotional and physical harmony, including: mindfulness tips and exercises, aromatherapy remedies, herbal remedies, physical exercise recommendation (tailored for you), crystals and other remedies that you can use to maximize your potential.
Each healing session lasts for 1.30 to 3 hours.

We've just created this package of 5 healing sessions for relationships and couples, to make it easier for you to heal your relationship or the feelings you have about it.
Your partner wouldn't come? It's still a good idea to shift your own perspective - it usually helps both.

You have a 30 % discount for each session.

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The 7 Chakra Package

All imbalances in life come from subconscious and energy programs. The energetic programs/imbalances are found in your chakra system. Events, memories or traumas in your life (or lifetimes) can trigger these imbalances resulting in couple fights, financial loss, business/job trouble or health issues, or just minor blockages that keep you stuck in an old paradigm when you want to evolve).

With the Soul Healing sessions 7 Chakra Package we work on all 7 chakras to balance, heal and reprogram your energy system for an overall upgrade and overcoming the difficulties in your life.

The package consists of 7 healing sessions.
One session implies about 1.30 to 3 h and it includes :
-clearing& energizing meditation at the beginning
-discussing over the specific chakra and the life issues connected to it,
-reprogramming the energy field to harmonize that chakra,
-recommendations on diet, supplements, herbs, exercises, meditation, aromatherapy and do-at-home activities to keep that chakra balanced.

The program is aiming to harmonize the whole energy system so that one feels renewed, revitalized and ready to take on the new ideas and opportunities that come along as a result of a major energy shift.Plus, you have a 33% discount for 7 session to reward you for your commitment to healing and evolving
Contact us at for more details and to book your 7 Chakra Soul Healing Package with Cristiana Eltrayan. See the Testimonials area to learn more about our results.