of your donation goes to initiatives we create or support the humanitarian and ecological campaigns IT’S BETTER WITH…LOVE!.

During the last 5 years, our activity was very intense: we have issued 5 books, also published internationally, held over 200 conferences, more than half of them for free, created 14 humanitarian and ecological campaigns which are still continuing, more than 200 free youtube videos offering help on personal and spiritual development, over 400 articles on the Soul Healing blog, offering solutions on personal and spiritual issues, and worked with hundreds of people during the Soul Healing sessions.

We have worked with children in schools through our ENERGY IN HARMONY project to inform them about healthy foods, ways to balance their minds and emotions, healthy games, how to stay out more and less on the technology devices, health and so much more. This has been a volunteering project we held since 2012. We are still having workshops and seminars on this, whenever we are called to.

Also,w e are creating SoulHealing Art to help children and adults heal through the power of color.

Our next projects

  • continuing the ENERGY IN HARMONY project for the healthy education of the young generation;
  • continuing the IT’S BETTER WITH…LOVE! campaign for ecology and donation campaigns for mothers & children with special needs;
  • continuing the SOUL HEALING ACADEMY project, where everyone can find good education in courses and workshops, as well as a lot of free content (conferences, articles and videos) for those who need help with their personal development;
  • supporting good educational projects with our pro bono activity and organizational skills (so far, we have supported the  LIFE EDUCATION FOR ALL project, the WOMEN ACADEMY project and so many other initiatives that are beneficial for humanity)
  • continuing the PRANIC FESTIVAL IN ROMANIA to help raise the consciousness about healthy energy nutrition and prana circulation in the body and the bio-fields around us
  • continuing the PRANIC CONSCIOUSNESS SUMMIT, to help people get easy access to the knowledge and wisdom of powerful masters, healers and holistic sceintists.

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