Soul Healing


How Soul Healing Therapy helps you

Soul Healing is a fast route to your subconscious and helps you change at a deeper level for GREATER SUCCESS. With Soul Healing we help you break free from old habits and patterns and live life on YOUR TERMS.

Cristiana Eltrayan's therapy sessions - live or on Skype - address people who want a real change in their lives and are ready for it.

You can start with the level that is bugging you the most (be it couple, family,career or sexuality) and eventually it all leads to a powerful evolution of the soul, through the therapy process.

During the session you discover exactly how you create you reality and how to shift the areas in your life that are not going well. You become conscious of your manifestation and learn to manifest the outcomes you desire, by being in harmony with the universal flow and with the people around you. You learn what are the limiting patterns in your mind, but also the blockages in your auric field and body. You begin each session with an energy clearing and recalibration and leave each session with powerful tools and recipes to improve your thought patterns, emotional and physical harmony, including: mindfulness tips and exercises, aromatherapy remedies, herbal remedies, physical exercise recommendation (tailored for you), crystals and other remedies that you can use to maximize your potential.
Each healing session lasts for 1.30 to 3 hours.

Cristiana says:

"Soul Healing is the holistic therapy I practice. It addresses the being as a whole, healing it on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and affective.

Soul Healing is based on energy’s power to transform matter: as we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, the soul has the power of transforming and healing all our aspects.

Through the Soul Healing procedure we get in contact with the soul of the patient and we reconnect him to his own Source so as to receive from it all the necessary data for healing, in a specific way for every level: physical, emotional, mental and so on.

We then ask specific questions and channel the necessary remedies for every system, which are personalized according to every patient’s needs.

Our soul always has the power to heal us and by connecting to it we can even have instantaneous transformations.
During my healing practice I’ve always paralleled transforming of all aspects, from physical to affective. I’ve always felt that they are interconnected, and the changes in one of them have profoundly affected the other systems.

For example, the changes in our diet , giving up the foods that are too heavy for the physical body, leads to connected changes on the emotional, mental and affective level.

That is why Soul Healing is covering all areas that need to be transformed, in an integrated way, and adapts to every patient, according to the “personalized” recipe of his soul."

The Soul Healing therapy can bring the following results:
• Eliminating and dissolving the convictions ad programs that no longer serve you:
– At the level of the subconscious – maybe taken over from your dear ones or genetically transmitted, or stocked from the convictions of the nation you’re a part of.
– At the level of your soul – taken over in your soul’s journeys, on this planet or other planetary systems.
• Balancing and centering your energy bodies and physical body (energy detoxification);
• Releasing and dissolving the energies that no longer serve you;
• Recovering the soul’s parts – energy fragments of your soul that were given out in your relationships (“I gave her/him my soul”);
• Reconstructing the soul;
• Healing the inner child (from this existence or other lifetimes);
• Healing in the mother’s womb (during the fetus stage);
• Reconnecting with your soul;
• Reconnecting with the Universe and the earth – as energy sources.

The approach is unique because it’s the right mix between the ancient teachings of traditional spiritual masters and the modern approach of the quantum physics, plus a personal touch of what I’ve developed an experienced.

The Soul Healing sessions are meetinngs of 1.30 to 3 h in which we discuss specific issues that the patient wishes to resolve. These can also be done on Skype or phone .
 The usual themes are:
– changing food habits/nutrition & diet;
– couple and family relationships;
– children issues – how to deal with special children, adolescents, ADHD/autism;
– health issues;
– career and personal mission;
– self-confidence, self-esteem;
– spirituality and inner balance;
– angelic counseling.

Book a session

To book a session, we recommend you to use the phone or e-mail. Please note that our e-mail might not be accessed daily.

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“Hi Christiana, Thank you so much for the meditation! I think this is absolutely positive, powerful, and incredibly inspiring. Thank you for keeping me updated on all of the amazing work that you are doing as I feel that work you are doing is very important. It is good to hear from you and I hope all is well! Cheers, Nat" Natalie Lendwell, founder of The Inspiration Show”.

Natalie Lendwell - founder of The Inspiration Show


“I am very glad to have had the opportunity to get to know you and I am profoundly grateful to you for helping me regain my health and balance (the most precious gift that I’ve received this year!) ! I wish for you to be able to offer just as much value to all those that meet you!”

C.R. - Iasi - about the Soul Healing therapy Session

“Cristiana, something happened after the Soul Healing session and everything we’ve done. God has brought me my man. So Soul Healing is working…it’s remodeling my reality!”

I.C. - Iasi