Here you find some of the testimonials about Cristiana Eltrayan‘s work with Soul Healing Therapy and the personal & spiritual growth classes, meditations and retreats:

“Hi Christiana, Thank you so much for the meditation! I think this is absolutely positive, powerful, and incredibly inspiring. Thank you for keeping me updated on all of the amazing work that you are doing as I feel that work you are doing is very important. It is good to hear from you and I hope all is well! Cheers, Nat”
Natalie Lendwell – founder of The Inspiration Show & Mind Movies

 “I am very glad to have had the opportunity to get to know you and I am profoundly grateful to you for helping me regain my health and balance (the most precious gift that I’ve received this year!) ! I wish for you to be able to offer just as much value to all those that meet you!”  C.R. – Iasi – about the Soul Healing therapy Sessions

” I discovered that what you were teaching was always inside of me .
Thank you for such beautiful and delicate yet very natural way of teaching about our body parts. I felt like a child who finally got its first decent education here on the Earth!
With that last class I went trough a deep sexual thrauma healing. Thank you for that too ❤️” B. – England about the Prana, Intimacy & Kundalini Class

“You open me to this part of ourselves that is connected deeply in reality and infinity.”K.L.B. – Florida

“It was magical!!! I think it was like a new birth for me! I am a different woman after that day! I thank you gratefully. I bow and salute The One Tha You Are for the gifts I have received. I have woken up from a deep sleep, in which Your Spirit, the spirit of my ancestors and the spirit of my keen have surrounded me with peace and harmony! Many generations and many souls have guided me to come meet That Which I Am and I feel blessed.”  A.E. Medias – about the AMPLYFIYNG THE LIGHTBODY – LIGHT NOURISHMENT CLASS

” Cristiana, something happened after the Soul Healing session and everything we’ve done. God has brought me my man. So Soul Healing is working…it’s remodeling my reality!” 
I.C. – Iasi – about the Soul Healing Therapy Sessions

“It feels like I’m a totally new person. The class with you has been like years of study and experimenting…I have received and keep receiving answers. I feel guided and blessed. Thank you for existing!” E.A. Medias – about the AMPLYFIYNG THE LIGHTBODY – LIGHT NOURISHMENT CLASS

“The seeds you’ve planted are starting to grow roots. I started my exercising again and I gave up the wild way of feeding myself. I started taking good care of my body and to be more aware of my love for the temple of my soul. The meditation is wonderful! I learned things from you that I am now applying and you have inspired me with a more loving way of treating my body and my food. I am now focusing on applying everything you have offered me through your book, interviews and private sessions. I work intensively to transform all these in habits. I thank you for everything. You are a being full of gifts and love and I am glad to have known you!”AM. A. – Bucharest – I.C. – Iasi – about the Soul Healing Therapy Sessions

“I am very fond of the fact that you give us many keys for the daily life. I am so grateful to have subscribed to this program (The Pranic Consciousness Process), it is one of the most wonderful things that have hapened to me lasly. I have never had such an opportunity in my life! I thank God you exist, for opening our horizon so much!” E.D. – Iasi – about The Pranic Consciousness Process

“I was late with my exercises but I am now recovering. So, dear Cristiana, I really had work to do and I feel that I am in a much better energy flux. Your teachings are very useful! Thank you!”C.G. – Bucharest – about The Pranic Consciousness Process