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People focus daily on external sources of energy: the best coffee, the strongest energizer, maybe the next love episode with their partner…And when these run off, they feel depleted and they need more.

What if you could be more energized without all these external sources? We’re not saying you have to give them all up, we’re just pointing out  an endless source of energy that could make you feel jazzed-up, focused and powerful every day.

With increasingly powerful waves of energy that rock our planet, new states of consciousness are accessible to people.

One of the results of these states of consciousness is that we need another kind of food, our diet is getting lighter. This is the explanation for the increasing trends towards vegetarianism, veganism, raw foods. This is also the explanation of food intolerances and more and more widespread diseases now.

In this conference we present new possibilities of feeding and healing ourselves by conscious energy / chi / prana. Currently, thousands of people, from holistic therapists to business people and scientists, have adopted these methods for health and harmony.

“Since ancient times, Egyptian, Taoist, and Hindu traditions have spoken of a source of energy – chi, prana, mana – an energy that can nourish and heal us. Being nourished by light does not necessarily mean total renunciation of physical food, but accessing a more advanced state of consciousness. People from all over the world – from Yogis and Taoist masters to Tesla and other scientists – have practiced this. ” says Cristiana Eltrayan.

Cristiana Eltrayan, facilitator of the workshop, travelled around the world attending congresses and conferences on the subject, studied and practiced the methods of nourishing and healing with energy in the past 9 years and created several informational and educational projects on the subject : Pranic Consciousness Summit, an online platform where over 25 specialists in this field hold conferences on pranic nutrition; Pranic Festival in Romania, a meeting in it’s 3rd edition with speakers from all over the world who specialize in this practice. She has also  written books on this theme-Darkroom Retreat and The Pranic World Book-explaining Cristiana’s experiences and research on the subject.

Currently, Cristiana holds conferences and therapeutic sessions on pranic nourishment and healing in many countries around the world and is helping those who are interested in understanding this paradigm.

Here’s more information about Cristiana Eltrayan and her work:

Also in the event you can find the book The Pranic World Book (by Cristiana Eltrayan) in the printed version in premiere in France & Monaco.

The book is now also on Amazon:

When: Friday,May 17th.

Time : 5-9 pm

Location: Cannes;

address will bw announced to the subscribers

Cost: Early Bird Special €60 . Offer lasts until May 16th, then €80.  Book your seat by using this link

Cristiana will be offering healings on 14th ,15th, 16th ,17 and 18 May.

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Soul Healing session,the therapy work: “Cristiana Eltrayan’s therapy sessions – live or on Skype – address people who want a real change in their lives and are ready for it.You can start with the level that is bugging you the most (be it couple, family,career or sexuality) and eventually it all leads to a powerful evolution of the soul, through the therapy process.

During the session you discover exactly how you create you reality and how to shift the areas in your life that are not going well. You become conscious of your manifestation and learn to manifest the outcomes you desire, by being in harmony with the universal flow and with the people around you. You learn what are the limiting patterns in your mind, but also the blockages in your auric field and body. You begin each session with an energy clearing and recalibration and leave each session with powerful tools and recipes to improve your thought patterns, emotional and physical harmony, including: mindfulness tips and exercises, aromatherapy remedies, herbal remedies, physical exercise recommendation (tailored for you), crystals and other remedies that you can use to maximize your potential.

Each healing session lasts for 1.30 to 3 hours, so be prepared for a relaxing “energetic spa for the mind and soul”.

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