Lourdes Retreat France Divine Feminine Healing with Cristiana Eltrayan- July 19-21

“The most famous healing spring is undoubtedly Lourdes in southern France, dedicated to Mother Mary.
Scientists have verified 66 healings at Lourdes, and an estimated 50 unverified healings per month are reported
I’ve personally visited several healing wells dedicated to goddesses and saints. Each time, I’ve noticed intense feelings of positive energy near these waters. Going to the well (known as a “grotto”) at Lourdes was a particularly powerful experience for me. Standing near the water felt as intense as being in a room filled with magnets drawing impurities out of my body, mind, and emotions. I witnessed people wheeled on gurneys and saw their beaming smiles as their nurses bathed them in the sacred waters. I brought home some Lourdes water and gave bottles to friends, one of whom reported the immediate healing of an injury after she’d splashed the water on it.
Studies on the properties, effects, and electrical fields of Lourdes and other healing wells have been conducted by scientists. Dr. Enzo Ciccolo, a biologist at the University of Milan, collected water from wells where Mother Mary apparitions had been sighted, including Lourdes, Medjugorje in Croatia, Fatima in Portugal, and Montichiari and San Damiano in Italy. Dr. Ciccolo placed small quantities of these Marian waters (named for Mother Mary) into normal tap water. The tap water’s pH, conductivity, and redox potential were immediately modified by the addition of the Marian water.
Other scientists have measured Lourdes water using a Bovis scale, which detects life- force energy. Using the earth’s energy as a baseline, a substance with fewer than 6,500 Bovis energy units is considered to have a negative or life-detracting charge. Between 6,500 and 8,000 units is thought to be neutral; and 8,000 and above is positive or life affirming. Lourdes water has been measured at 500,000 Bovis energy units.
Interestingly, the particles of negative substances spin clockwise, while positively charged particles spin counter-clockwise. Goddess traditions teach that feminine energy spins to the left or counterclockwise. Dr. Ciccolo also experimented with water from Medjugorje, Croatia, another healing shrine devoted to Mother Mary, adding small quantities of its water to solutions of sodium chloride, albumin, and cupric chloride and comparing these mixtures to control samples. The Medjugorje samples crystallized into more finely divided filamentary patterns than the control solutions. Dr. Ciccolo noted that the crystallized patterns resembled those that had been observed in samples treated by healers’ bioenergy and by magnetic fields.
In other words, water from healing wells associated with Mother Mary is structurally different from other water. Marian water stores the heartfelt prayers and the loving energy associated with Mother Mary and the angels. The studies show that this energy is transferable to ordinary water.
The ancient practice of seeking health through water while invoking the loving help of a goddess or saint remains a popular . Between five and six million people visit Lourdes annually.” Doreen Virtue PHD
Why is this retreat different than going by yourself? For lifetimes I’ve been trained to embody and channel the energies of the Devine Feminine and transmission healing rays and messages to the ones who need and are ready for that. In this lifetime, I’ve practiced extensively the communion with the Mary energy (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the Isis priestesses and helped healed thousands of women and men through this energy. I’ve also been trained to enhance and amplify the energies and effects of Sacred Sites, by working in collaboration with the energy vortexes present in such locations. During our retreats we include healing practices and meditations that open you up to a higher perception, reconnect you to your true self and heal your body and your life” Cristiana Eltrayan
Attendance fee for the 2 days retreat at Lourdes is 222 Euros if you have transportation or  333 E * if you need transport (by car from Nice to Lourdes and back).
To confirm participation and book your place send 50% of this amount at Paypal eltrayan9@gmail.com, by  June 6th, 2021. The rest of the amount is to be sent by June 7th.
(If you don’t prefer PayPal, write to us at eurynome999@gmail.com and we send you bank details).
Children are welcomed to this retreat. Free entrance for children below 12.
50% for children and adolescents up to 18.
Stay tuned and contact for details.
*The attendance fee includes:
 – participation to the workshops, journeys and all activities during the retreat
 – acomodation in shared double shared room ** (for single room a supplement of E35 applies)
 – meditations and guidance with Cristiana Eltrayan
 – guidance in English, French, Italian and Romanian at the sacred sites and historical places.
More about Cristiana Eltrayan:

Cristiana Eltrayan, facilitator of the course, traveled throughout the world attending workshops and conferences on the subject, studied and practiced the methods of feeding and healing with light in the last 9 years and created several information and education projects on the subject : Pranic Consciousness Summit, an online platform where over 29 specialists in the field hold conferences on pranic nutrition; Pranic Festival in Romania, a meeting of the 6th edition that co-opted speakers from all over the world who specialize in this practice, The Pranic Festival in India, the Pranic Festival Online, The Pranic Consciousness Summit and the Darkroom Retreat and The Pranic World Book, explaining their own experiences and research on the subject.
Currently, Cristiana holds conferences and therapeutic sessions on prana nourishment and healing in several countries around the world and is helping people interested in understanding this paradigm. See her full biography here.

We’re offering the Lourdes Retreat to whomever offers to takes us there by car from Nice and back, departing on Monday(June 7th), return on Tuesday(June 8th) /Wednesday(June 9th)
Contact eurynome999@gmail.com or Watsapp +40746165813 for details
All retreats and classes are non-refundable but trasferable to other events of Soul Healing Academy