Romanian Sphinx Activation Retreat with Cristiana Eltrayan


On November 28th we celebrate the Romanian Sphinx Day, the day where special phenomena are happening on Bucegi Plateau due to the powerful activation of the Sphinx. Come join us live on a journey to learn and feel more about this amazing megalithic structure and it’s mesmerizing secrets, with Cristiana Eltrayan & Team

During this retreat you learn:
– the true story and attributes of the Romanian Sphinx
– How to feel energy and work with it
– how to activate and be activated by the vortex of the Sphinx
-how to work with energy vortexes and sacred sites
– how to get in touch with ancient and alien civilizations
– how to stay grounded during the process

The activities are:

November 28th-30th:

November 28th – Visit to the Sphinx (if weather allows) on the occasion of the Sphinx Day and meditation on integration and support of new projects and spiritual integrations; if the weather is not supportive for going up on the mountain, we can celebrate at the base of the mountain and connect with the Sphinx energy in meditation

Evening – sound healing workshop with the chakra bowls and the Compassion healing bowl

For those wanting to go home after the Sphinx meditation, that is possible but not recommended. We recommend integrating the energies for one more night before going home

November 29th – Morning meditation, juice or water fasting/veg meals, healing techniques, chi kung, light beings contact & light language transmission + visit to local sacred sites near the Romanian Sphinx (in the mountains close to Brasov – possibly Amfiteatrul Transilvania or the castles and sacred sites near Busteni – according to weather) & Intergration Game in the evening.

November 30th – Morning meditation, juice or water fasting,  healing techniques, chi kung. Checkout at 12 then veg lunch/juices ad a nice local place for those who don’t need to go right away

For November 28th-30th the cost is  333 E (in double shared room/ 387 E in single room

 (1 Day retreat Nov. 28) the cost is 111 E+ accommodation (136 E including double shared room/161 euro including single room)

For accommodation during the day off (November 27th/ December 1st) the cost is 30 euro in double shared room (if available) / 60 euro in single room

About Cristiana Eltrayan:

Cristiana Eltrayan works as a therapist, international holistic speaker and author. Additionally, she often travels for opening and maintaining energy portals along the planet, following the planetary energy lines and also the cosmic rhythms. These works are the result of the inner guidance that the author is receiving regarding these energy works. Her workshops and classes have as a main theme the energetic nourishment, the Taoist emotional intelligence and pranic methods of healing and recalibration, converging to the consciousness of unity. She combines the ancient knowledge with the modern scientific discoveries, to bring a complex and complete picture on the unlimited nature of the human potential.
Since 2009 she has been studying the Pranic nourishment (the possibility of being nourished by energy/chi/mana) and since 2013 she is offering lectures and classes on this subject. With her work of the Soul Healing Accademy, she has created several projects, including the Pranic Consciousness Summit , the Pranic Festival in Romania, the Pranic Festival in India, the Pranic Consciousness Process, the Energy in Harmony holistic educational program for children in schools and more than 14 charity and ecology campaigns called It’s Better with Love. She is a board member of the Global Pyramid Societies Movement, an organization teaching meditation worldwide, with 22000 pyramids built for meditation all across the globe, and peace ambassador at the Embassy of Peace.
She is now also practicing the Soul Healing – Holistic Therapy – which deals with the balance between body – mind-soul and deprogramming and reprogramming the energy field, and shares her experiences in books, workshops, classes and conferences. She is the author of 5 books, amongst which “The Pranic World Book”, which describes her experience with pranic communities and pranic processes.



To participate please send the retreat fee to either Paypal or bank account*

*if you don’t have Paypal please email and we send you other payment options

Book your place by November 21st as rooms and retreat capacity are booking quickly

The retreat costs include:

  •  accomodation*
  • daily meditation and portal connecting exercises with Cristiana Eltrayan – Holistic Therapist, Speaker & Author;
  • energizing moments in highly vibrational places;
  • full translated English and Romanian guidance about all the places we visit (should there be visitors from other countries we’ll see how we manage translations; our guide is able to also provide guidance in French and Italian)
  • room bookings and management


  • creating and maintaining a field of harmony, purity and healing to all the places we go to;
  • energy work with all the hosts and people involved for a general harmonious experience
  • energy work for each participant – form the moment for booking the place – to harmonize with the retreat, the participants and the places we go to (it might result in healing, chakra harmonizing, diet changes)
  • energetically preparing the road, the transportation and the meetings between participants
  • subtle energy work with each participant, during the retreat and beyond for personal healing, group integration, harmonization with the sacred sites we visit and integrating certain aspects in the present or other lifetimes
  • working with the local guides, gatekeepers and light beings that are guarding the places and the group
  • maintaining a field of high consciousness to receive the guidance and the right rhythm of the retreat
  • monitoring and (if allowed) adjusting the energy fields and the weather of the places we go to

* Depending on the group type and accommodation type, the food management is up to you. Both retreats recommend light liquid meals(juices, smoothies, teas and soups). If necessary you can have vegan food, no meat

** Transportation is not included, according to the number of participants we will rent cars and share transportation costs between participants. 

 The retreat contribution does not include : 

– Transportation to the Romanian (access there is subjected to weather that can change anytime)

– meals and beverages during your stay


Make sure you bring comfortable and also warm winter clothes, hiking shoes and gloves + cap, as the weather can get really cold. The trip might include 2 to 3 h of walks/mild hiking, so make sure your health and tonus are up to that.

All our retreats are vegetarian/vegan. Even if your not vegetarian on daily basis, we recommend taking a few days off meat while you come with us


To participate online to the sessions and meditations with Cristiana Eltrayan, please send 111 E to either Paypal or bank account*

*if you don’t have Paypal please email and we send you other payment options

After confirming your participation you’ll receive a zoom link where you can join all online activities and meditations on November 28th  – 7 pm Bucharest time and November 28 th – 10 am Bucharest time**

**schedule is subject to change according to our travelling hours

All retreats are non refundable, but transferrable to other events, online or live