The trip Of The Sun 2 – December 2019


Dear friends,

We invite you to this beautiful sacred energetic tour to some of the most important energy centers in Romania, right after the Silent Retreat with Victor Truviano

As we have worked with and enjoyed these beautiful sacred places, we felt called to now form a group of those familiar to these activities who feel called to come recharge and tune into more energy portals in the mountains.

Meditation with Cristiana Eltrayan, portal opening and many exercises are available during the tour.

The tour is imprinted by the energies of Isis, Magdalene, Mother Mary, Zalmoxes and other sacred divine beings working with and protecting these places.We will travel through amazing mountain areas of Romania and visit pilgrimage places an sacred sits with beautiful energy portals in Transilvania.

Along the road we tune in to the beautiful energies, find out more about the Pre-Christian Sun worshiping places we visit and the history of an ancient magic civilization that is connected to the greatest sacred civilizations of the world. See short video here:

Tour dates : December 2-5, 2019

All tour participants will be meeting in Busteni and from there we go by car or shuttle to the tour objectives.

Day 1 – December 2–  Busteni –The Romanian Sphynx*

We have a trip with the cable car or by car up on the mountain to visit the Romanian Sphynx* – said to be energetically connected to the Egyptian one. We visit a strong energy point up in the mountains, meditate, recharge and then leave to the Transilvanian citadels.

*The Sphynx of Romania will only be visited if weather allows.

ZIUA 1: Busteni  – Sfinx* 

 Vizitam Sfinxul Romaniei despre care se spune ca ar fi conetat energetic cu Sfinxul egiptean. Vizitam punctele energetice din munti apoi plecam spre cetatile transilvanene.

Day 2  – December 3 – Busteni – Sinca Veche – Sambata de Sus

From Busteni, we visit the Sinca Veche site where the strong feminine energy of Mother Mary and other Pre-Christian feminine energies are present. We then visit Sambata de Sus, the place of the Pranic Festival of Romania, and we meditate with he local energies and visit a beautiful monastery where a powerful pranic saint called Arsenie Boca has lived. Arsenie Boca was mastering pranic healing, bilocation and clairvoyance and had the ability to remote view, foresee future possibilities and heal massed of people. The place has a healing spring that is said to be blessed by him.

Ziua 2: Busteni – Sinca Veche – Sambata de Sus

De la Busteni mergem catre Sinca Veche, apoi mergem catre Sambata de Sus, unde ne vom caza peste noapte. La Sambata de Sus vizitam o frumoasa manastire si locurile in care a trait Arsenie Boca,un puternic sfant roman care cunostea vindecarea cu lumina si prin rugaciune, bilocatia si vindeca mase intregi de oameni. In aceste locuri vizitam si izvorul cu apa vindecatoare binecuvantat de Sfantul Arsenie Boca.

Sambata de Sus  – sightseeing


Day 3:  Dec 4 –Sambata de Sus – Sarmisegetuza

The next day we travel by cars to Sarmisegetuza, an important Pre-Christian temple and place of cosmic connection and time measurement, connected to the Mayan calendar, Stonehenge and Gobekli Tepe, among other places. Here, we meaditate,connect to the ancient Romanian culture and look beyond the veil of known history.

Ziua 3 – Sambata de Sus – Sarmisegetuza

In aceasta zi ne indreptam catre Sarmisegetuza, un vechi templu Pre-Crestin, un loc pentru conectare cosmica si masurarea timpului, conectat cu Stonehenge, Gobekli Tepe si alte situri sacrea ale lumii. Aici meditam, ne conectam cu vechea cultura a acestei civilizatii si privim dincolo de valul istoriei cunoscute.

Day 5 – Sibiu : end of the trip

We return to Sibiu  by 7-8 in the afternoon. If time and weather allow, upon departure we visit the tomb of Arsenie Boca, which is close to Sarmisegetuza, a place of healing and re-connection which has helped many. We then arrive in Sibiu, where you can either take a shuttle to your airport or book a room for the night before flying home. In Sibiu we can also visit The Fountain of Wishes, a magical place of co-creation. We recommend staying one more night in Sibiu (it is not included in the trip) to integrate the energies and rest. For those of you who want to leave there’  the option of flying back from Sibiu or taking a train/car to Bucharest (flights are more affordable from there).

Ziua 4  – Intoarcerea la Sibiu; finalul excursiei.

Ne intoarcem in Sibiu pana in orele 7-8 dupa-amiaza, dupa trecerea muntilor. Daca timpul si vremea permit, vom vizita mormantul lui Arsenie Boca si o manastire importanta in apropierea Sarmisegetuzei. In Sibiu, putem vizita Fantana Dorintelor, un loc pentru co-creatie.  Destinatia finala este Sibiu, de unde puteti lua trenul catre orasul vostru, catre aeroportul de pe care plecati, sau puteti rezerva o camera pentru a ramane peste noapte. Recomandam sa ramaneti inca o noapte/zi in Sibiu, pentru a va odihni si pentru a integra energiile primite. Cei care doresc sa plece pot lua fie avionul din Sibiu, fie un tren/o masina spre Bucuresti, de unde puteti zbura catre tara de destinatie (zborurile sunt mai accesibile din Bucuresti).

The whole group will be meeting in Busteni and from there transported by cars or shuttle to all the points in the tour. A Romanian-English speaking guide will inform participants on the places we visit and the energetic treasures we tone in to the energy points we visit.

For more information please contact: +4 0746 165 813 or e-mail

Costs:  333 Euro/ 366 USD, which include:

  •  accomodation*
  • daily meditation and portal connecting exercises with Cristiana Eltrayan – Holistic Therapist, Speaker & Author;
  • energizing moments in highly vibrational places;
  • full translated English and Romanian guidance about all the places we visit (should there be visitors from other countries we’ll see how we manage translations; our guide is able to also provide guidance in French and Italian).

* Some accomodation might include breakfast. Yet, depending on the group type and accomodation type, the food management may be up to you.

** Transportation is not included, according to the number of participants we will rent cars and share transportation costs between participants. 


To book your place please use this link to make your reservation deposit of 188E/233 USD or pay the full fee of 333E/366 USD.

The rest of the tour fee is to be payed one week before the tour date.


Make sure you bring comfortable and also warm winter clothes, hiking shoes and gloves + cap, as the weather can get really cold. The trip includes 2 to 3 h of mild hiking, so make sure your health and tonus are up to that.


The Trip Of The Sun – October 2017


Dear friends,

We invite you to this beautiful sacred energetic tour called The Trip of The Sun, to some of the most important energy centers in Romania. The energy points here have the ability to recalibrate physical health and release cellular memory trauma, as well as connecting us to the main energy grid of the planet through other grid points that are connected to the Romanian ones (Egyptian Sphynx, Tibetan portals in the Hymalayas, China pyramids, Turkey pyramids, Sardinian grottoes and so on) . These portals in Romania are part of the Planetary Anahata and the Planetary Cross, two important “meridians” of the planet that are holding and supporting life on Earth. Continue reading “The Trip Of The Sun – October 2017”