The Taoist Emotional Intelligence-Emotional&Sexual Energy Healing-Online Class

  • Welcome to the online class that helps you have better relationships, more self-confidence and a fabulous sexual life!

    If you feel like your every day is an emotional carousel, and you tend to over-react or often feel angry, worried or frustrated, if you have trouble dealing with some people in your life (sometimes the closest ones), or you have difficulties in saying what you want and saying no to things that don’t suite you, then this class is for you!

    Join the online class Taoist Emotional Intelligence-Emotional&Sexual Energy Healing to tap into the tools and exercises that can take you back to a state of calm and confidence in less than 10 minutes, in any situation of your life.

    This class is for you :

    If you feel overwhelmed by stress and working hours

  • If you feel tired and low vitality
  • If you frequently have communication issues (not having the courage to say no, or to ask for what you need or want, sending out messages that others misunderstand etc.)
  • If you have a tensed life
  • If you had a rough childhood that is now affecting your present life
  • If you experience frequent physical pain, especially in the abdominal area
  • If you have the tendency of eating in excess
  • If you have digestive problems
  • If you had frequent genital issues (with your ovaries/womb)
  • If you have a boring sex life and want to change this

In this online class we cover the main causes that lead to emotional blockages and relationship difficulties and offer simple but powerful solutions for finally step out of these situations and into your beautiful, confident, energized self.

‘In the Tao “emotional intelligence” is a process of recognizing emotions by their effects on the body, and employing exercises that transform the negative emotions into positive life force, or Chi.” M. Chia – Taoist Master

What are the benefits of the tools in this class:

  •  Learning energizing techniques
  •  Balancing your diet
  •  Relaxation and healing
  •  Eliminating the fatigue
  •  Enhancing sexual pleasure
  •  Amplifying personal magnetism
  •  Recovering the health of your ovaries/womb/prostate

Who is holding the online workshop?

The workshop is held by Cristiana Eltrayan, Holistic Therapist and Author, an experienced Taoist healer and Tantric practitioner who has helped hundreds of people release their blockages and step into their full potential in the field of communication, relationships and sexuality.

Find more about Cristiana, here.

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 Important note:

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