Dreaming of fun time with your loved one or – for the singles – having a beautiful new partner for the week-end of Love?
We’ve got that covered!
We’re announcing the VALENTINE’S DAY PRANA RETREAT with hot new surprises for you: a weekend of energy upgrade for singles and couples:

(Saturday+Sunday, Feb 13-14th, 2021)

♥ including the following:

Sat, Feb 13th – 4-8 pm Bucharest time – CULTIVATING THE BODY OF LIGHT AND PRANIC NOURISHMENT – LIVE and online class (you can participate in person, in Cluj, Romania)

Sat 8.30-10 pm – vegan dinner/smoothies at a nice terrace restaurant

Sun Feb 14th – 10 am- trip to the nearby Salt mine (under earth) – a place where we can cleanse our energy field, relax & play – salt is an energy cleanser

Up to 4 pm- activities of your choice

4-7 pm  – PRANA, INTIMACY &KUNDALINI – LIVE & Online class (you can participate in person, in Cluj, Romania)

Total cost : 222 E

It includes:

– the 2 classes with Cristiana Eltrayan

– access to tea breaks during the classes

– private fun discussion time with Cristiana Eltrayan during dinner

– trip to salt mine and guidance for the energy work with earth elements and advanced civilizations there

Accomodation, meals & transportation to salt mine not included

To book your place send 111E at either Paypal (select “friends & family” to avoid commissions) or another payment method if you don’t have paypal.

The rest of 111E are to be paid by February 11th.

You can participate to either of the classes(111E each), or the whole retreat (222E).

Send an email to to get all details for your payment.

Make sure you book your place now, as seats and accommodation are filling fast

About Cristiana Eltrayan – The facilitator

Cristiana Eltrayan works as a therapist, international holistic speaker and author. Additionally, she often travels for opening and maintaining energy portals along the planet, following the planetary energy lines and also the cosmic rhythms. These works are the result of the inner guidance that the author is receiving regarding these energy works. Her workshops and classes have as a main theme the energetic nourishment, the Taoist emotional intelligence and pranic methods of healing and recalibration, converging to the consciousness of unity.  She combines the ancient knowledge with the modern scientific discoveries, to bring a complex and complete picture on the unlimited nature of the human potential.

Since 2009 she has been studying the Pranic nourishment (the possibility of being nourished by energy/chi/mana) and since 2013 she is offering lectures and classes on this subject. With her work of the Soul Healing Accademy, she has created several projects, including the Pranic Consciousness Summit , the Pranic Festival in Romania, the Pranic Festival in India, the Pranic Consciousness Process, the Energy in Harmony holistic educational program for children in schools and more than 14 charity and ecology campaigns called It’s Better with Love. She is a board member of the Global Pyramid Societies Movement, an organization teaching meditation worldwide, with 22000 pyramids built for meditation all across the globe,  and peace ambassador at the Embassy of Peace.

She is now also practicing the Soul Healing – Holistic Therapy – which deals with the balance between body – mind-soul and deprogramming and reprogramming the energy field, and shares her experiences in books, workshops, classes and conferences. She is the author of  5 books, amongst which The Pranic World Book, which describes her experience with pranic communities and pranic processes.

Life Path

After having pursued and achieved professional success in management, she has oriented herself towards the self-balancing and spiritual development field, which she has studied and practiced for years with Yoga, qi-gong and other biofield practices that are meant to make us a purer channel for The Divine.

Her intention and drive is to become and stay a pure channel for Light for as long as possible in this physical body and to share this knowledge with those opened to this.

       The Therapy Work

Cristiana Eltrayan’s therapy sessions – live or on Skype-address people who want a real change in their lives and are ready for it. You can start with the level that is bugging you the most (be it couple, family,career or sexuality) and eventually it all leads to a powerful evolution of the soul, through the therapy process.
During the session you discover exactly how you create you reality and how to shift the areas in your life that are not going well. You become conscious of your manifestation and learn to manifest the outcomes you desire, by being in harmony with the universal flow and with the people around you.

You learn what are the limiting patterns in your mind, but also the blockages in your auric field and body. You begin each session with an energy clearing and recalibration and leave each session with powerful tools and recipes to improve your thought patterns, emotional and physical harmony, including: mindfulness tips and exercises, aromatherapy remedies, herbal remedies, physical exercise recommendation (tailored for you), crystals and other remedies that you can use to maximize your potential.
Each healing session lasts for 1.30 to 3 hours.

She is now practicing the Soul Healing – Holistic Therapy – which deals with the balance between body – mind-soul and deprogramming and reprogramming the energy field, and shares her experiences in books, workshops, classes and conferences.

She is applying the Soul Healing therapy for the following life aspects:

  • Love/couple relationships – healing emotional trauma, managing internal/external conflicts
  • Parent-children relationships – managing disagreements or disabilities
  • Family relationships- understanding and accepting family roles
  • Nutrition harmonization-finding the appropriate dietary lifestyle
  • Career-choosing the right profession
  • The relationship with oneself
  • Spirituality

Feedback from other retreats with Cristiana Eltrayan :

“It was magical !!!! I think it was a new birthday! I am another man after that day. Thanks with gratitude! I greet you with pleasure and thank you gratefully for Whom You Are and for the gifts I have received. I woke up after a deep sleep, in which your spirit, my ancestors and my Romanian inheritance were enveloping me with peace and harmony . Many generations and many embodied or unembodied souls have led me to come to the meeting with Who I am and I feel blessed. I know that walking in the world will take me out of this state, but I hope to come back as often as I can and not I’m leaving my House of My Heart. ”

“It feels like I am no longer who I used to be…The course with you has been years of study and experimentation. I received and keep receiving further answers. I feel guided and blessed. Thank you. EA-Medias

The retreat is not refundable