Mary Magdalene Retreat – South of France

We are inviting you to this beautiful Mary Magdalene Retreat in South of France! (English,French, Italian and Romanian translation available during the retreat).
The Mary Magdalene Retreat is on September 5-6(with the possibility of extending until September 8th ), in the area where the cave of Mary Magdalene is holding the beautiful frequency of this powerful Goddess . We visit the cave, the surrounding area and the beautiful hills and forests.
We have lunch and dinner with traditional local dishes in the small pittoresque town near the cave, we have meditation and morning Chi Kung included in the schedule, for better attunement and healing.
The retreat is a beautiful opportunity to meet like-minded people and have some girl talk, as well as feminine-masculine balancing, as we work with the energies of the Magdalene, the fabulous priestess of the sacred feminine love and Divine Feminine (men also welcomed).
We are visiting some of the most beautiful places where Mary Magdalene and other fabulous feminine energies are dwelling. The gathering is enriched with meditation, ancient teachings, spiritual talks and much more.
The visitation of Mary Magdalene’s cave and surroundings ends September 5th . We can continue to enjoy 3 days more in South of France by visiting Grasse, the famous international capital of perfumery, with its pitoresque streets and fabulous flavors, to enhance our feminine and beauty energies and also Monte Carlo  and Monaco, the beautiful area of Princess Grace where many energy vortexes are hidden in fabulous gardens and luxurious areas. There we can shop for souvenirs and local boutique perfumes, get in touch with the luscious local energy of beauty and French refinement, taste the delicious local cuisine and enjoy marvellous gardens and castles.
We end our trip in Nice, enjoying the beauty of the city and preparing for flights on October 16th.
Attendance fee for the 2 days retreat at the cave (October 17th-18th) is 222 Euros if you have a place to sleep 333 E * if you need accomodation.
Attendance fee for Retreat at the cave+2 extra days of leisure in Grasse & Monaco (October 16-20th) : 333 E if you have a place to sleep or 555 E if you need accomodation.
To confirm participation and book your place send 50% of this amount at Paypal, by  October 1st, 2020. The rest of the amount is to be sent by October14 th 
(If you don’t prefer PayPal, write to us at ad we send you bank details).
Children are welcomed to this retreat. Free entrance for children below 12, 50% for children and adolescents up to 18.
Stay tuned and contact for details.
*The attendance fee includes:
 – participation to the workshops, journeys and all activities during the retreat
 – accomodation in shared double room ** (for single room a supplement of E35 applies)
 – meditations and guidance with Cristiana Eltrayan
 – guidance in English, French, Italian and Romanian at the sacred sites and historical places.
  – transportation to all sites (from Nice and back); should you come from another city directly to Saint – Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, you can come with us using your own car or our transportation).
More about Cristiana Eltrayan:

Cristiana Eltrayan, facilitator of the course, traveled throughout the world attending workshops and conferences on the subject, studied and practiced the methods of feeding and healing with light in the last 9 years and created several information and education projects on the subject : Pranic Consciousness Summit, an online platform where over 29 specialists in the field hold conferences on pranic nutrition; Pranic Festival in Romania, a meeting of the 3rd edition that co-opted speakers from all over the world who specialize in this practice, and the Darkroom Retreat and The Pranic World Book, explaining their own experiences and research on the subject.
Currently, Cristiana holds conferences and therapeutic sessions on prana nurishment and healing in several countries around the world and is helping people interested in understanding this paradigm. See her full biography here.

More about the retreat place:

Even though Mary Magdalene has been given the reputation of having been a repentant prostitute or loose woman, these claims are not supported by the canonical gospels where the sinner is actually unnamed and there’s not a clear reference to Mary Magdalene.

The legend said that after her group  arrived in France by boat, Mary settled in a cave in the mountain – which was difficult to access – where she lived for 30 years until she died. Since the 5th century, pilgrims from all around the world gather here to pray her and honor what’s believed to be some of her remains: a bone and a tress, kept in what it is now a Dominican convent constructed in 1279 into the cave. There we find a shrine and see a sarcophagus made of marble that was proclaimed to be the tomb of Mary Magdalene. The 1st century tomb was uncovered in the year 1279 during excavations of the crypt beneath a small church in St. Maximin in France. The leader of the excavation was Charles II, the Count of Provence, who claimed he was spurred to do so by a dream in which Saint Mary Magdalene appeared to him.They say that a “wonderful and very sweet smell” was noted by people there when the sarcophagus was opened. They believed the smell was symbolic of the perfume Mary Magdalene poured on Jesus’/Emmanuel’s feet before his death. Upon discovery of the tomb, Charles II built a grand basilica in place of the old church

How to get there:
We meet on October 17th at 11 am in Nice and from there we go by cars/shuttle to Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, the grotto of Mary Magdalene and the surroundings.
If your’re flying in: Book a flight to Nice and meet us in Nice on October 17th at 11 am. We recommend booking the flight and a hotel in Nice for Friday, September 16th to be able to rest in Nice* before the trip in the morning.
If you’re arriving by train/car/bus: The meeting place will be announced closer to the event.
*Optional meet-up dinner and good bye lunch  in Nice on October 16th and September 20th, to meet the grup and dine together at a beautiful vegan  local restaurant. Your participation and culinary choices are optional and not included in the retreat fee. Lunch / Dinner extra cost:  35 E/each (70 E in total;  you can opt for either or both)
Write to us at or WatsApp +40746165813 to get more details about the meeting place (to be announced after September 3rd).