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Welcome to the Pranic Consciousness Summit!

We are honored to have you as a guest to this wonderful online gathering for consciousness elevation!

Have you heard about people who are nourished by light (chi/energy)? People who don’t need to take physical food in order to feel satiety?

Have you heard of people having fabulous discoveries in the spiritual science?

As we traveled and met many of them, and also practiced this lifestyle, we now present you their perspective and answers on how a shift in consciousness is possible.


Elitom El-Amin

Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein

erika new

Erika Witthuhn




Mantak Chia


Olga Podorovskaya


Camilla Castillo


Oberom Aum


Charles Muir


Here you can meet in live interviews the main paradigm-shifters of humanity  (Jasmuheen, Elitom-El-Amin, Nassim Haramein, Mantak Chia, Erika Whitthuhn, Camilla Castillo and many others), extraordinary people that have wonderful results:

  • pranic nourishment teachers (being nourished by chi/energy/prana),
  • energy healers,
  • life-coaches,
  • and metaphysical researchers – bridging science and spirituality.

During our journeys we have met we personally interview each one of them in order to be able to bring to you the peak of spiritual and scientific evolution of Western and Eastern civilization.

See the participants and who’s going to be live next

In this summit you can meet online all these fabulous people, as well as thei bios, teachings, and access to their courses/workshops and find the video interviews we create during the online meeting. All united on one online platform, sharing their wisdom and main tips, but also their life challenges and how they overcame them.


“I cannot thank Cristiana enough for all that she is now doing to present all of our journeys with pranic living as this becomes more relevant in our world. As we all know, when something is beneficial for human evolution Grace supports it in so many ways! I hope you will enjoy all that she will offer here – will do my own interview with her next week!” Jasmuheen – President of The Global Congress for Spiritual Scientists 

“Many thanks! Another great interview!  Doing my best to watch, learn and grow from these most enlightening contribution!!!!!!!!” Melissa I. – Pranic Consciousness Summit participant

“I am grateful for Cristiana’s interview yesterday. She presented my Tao Practices on the Pranic Living summit. My goal is to help people balance life with joy and happiness. I offer my words and teachings to benefit others.” Mantak Chia-Founder of Universal Healing Tao, Daoist Teacher for 35 years

“Dearest Crisitina! Words cannot express how much my life appreciates your mission! Just watch Mr. Gabriel Lesquoy ‘s interview. Outstanding! The questions and natural dialogue is norishment! Thanks a billion times over!” M.I. – Pranic Consciousness Summit participant

“Dear Cristiana, it is amazing that there is this boy who knows that he does not need to eat.Often I wonder if my grandson is not pushed too much to eat. He is very active and often says he does not want to eat. He has a lot of energy, maybe there are more children and they are just not allowed to go their own way.
Thank you again for sharing this summit.” U.S. – Pranic Consciousness Summit participant

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Important note

Please use this information with discernment, certain teachings and practices displayed here are only meant to be used under clear guidance and direct supervision of a teacher practitioner. You should not attempt to stop eating without the appropriate practice.

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