Pranic Consciousness Process – Video Class


Join the  Pranic Consciousness Video Class for simple tools to get more prana/chi/energy in your body and more clarity in your life!

During this training we explore methods and techniques to raise the vibration and allign to the pranic frequency.

After you’ve done one or several pranic trainings, you still have to go home to your life and family, so your pranic intake might decrease gradually if you don’t support it with some tools and daily practices at home – the tools and lifestyle are meant to keep you alligned to the pranic field. The Pranic Consciousness  Video Class contains the exercises and activities for keeping that frequency in your system.

This is an oline program composed of 8 online classes:

How Does It Work?
Starting today, you meet Cristiana Eltrayan with each video lesson,for 1.30 hours of power:  learning more about the exercises and tips to maintain a fluent pranic intake at home, at work or in any environment.

You will receive a new lesson for every week, for 8 weeks (total of 8 lessons). Each lesson is yours to keep and you’ll be able to refer back to it whenever you want. And if you miss a lesson or are too busy to get to it that day, each lesson will conveniently remain in your account so you won’t have to search for it when you’re ready to get back to it.

You can watch the recordings from the comfort of your home and repeat them as much as you like. You also get online support via email, from Cristiana Eltrayan, to clarify your questions on these topics.

Each video class includes:

  • a pranic meditation – refining the energies of each participant and helping him intake more prana + syntonizing with the group;
  • discussions and exercises based on each of the 8 tools for more pranic intake;
  • Q&A session and feedback ;
  • email support from Cristiana Eltrayan during the week, until your next class.

The Masters Supporting the Process

Each online gathering theme is recommended and supported by an ascended master, and their recommendations are channeled by Cristiana Eltrayan. The masters recommending and supporting this process are: Quan Yin, Saint Germain, Buddha, Babaji, The Christ, St. Francisc of Assisi, Mother Mary, The Angellics.  Each participant is supported by and benefits from the connection with these masters while attending this process. 

The Benefits

The benefit of an online pranic consciousness class is that you can have it in the comfort of your home, maintaining your daily activities , while having the support and group meetings that will keep you on track and evolving with your pranic intake.

People who have taken this process have also experienced:

  • Balanced relationships
  • More clarity & calm
  • A lighter (or even pranic) diet
  • A healthy body
  • Prolonged youth/reversed aging
  • Ease in following your life path/ career

We underline that this is not a process that will teach you how to stop eating: this is an online class that helps you raise and maintain your consciousness level and vibration in allignment with the source of life/chi/prana, which allows you to transition to a lighter diet.The food intake is up to you!

The facilitator – Cristiana Eltrayan: 

Motto: “Life transformations come from integrating our spiritual side and our souls’ choices into the social plane.”

Cristiana Eltrayan works as a therapist, international holistic speaker and author. Additionally, she often travels for opening and maintaining energy portals along the planet, following the planetary energy lines and also the cosmic rhythms. These endeavors are the result of the inner guidance that the author is receiving regarding these energy works.

Her workshops and classes have as a main theme the energetic nourishment, the Taoist emotional intelligence and pranic methods of healing and recalibration, converging to the consciousness of unity.  She combines the ancient knowledge with the modern scientific discoveries, to bring a complex and complete picture on the unlimited nature of the human potential.  Since 2009 she has been studying the Pranic nourishment (the possibility of being nourished by energy/chi/mana) and since 2013 she is offering lectures and classes on this subject.

As the founder of the Soul Healing Accademy, she has created several projects, including the Pranic Consciousness Summit , the Pranic Festival in Romania, the Energy in Harmony holistic educational program for children in schools and more than 14 charity and ecology campaigns called the It’s Better with Love .

She is applying the Soul Healing therapy for the following life aspects:

  • Love/couple relationships – healing emotional trauma, managing internal/external conflicts
  • Parent-children relationships – managing disagreements or disabilities
  • Family relationships- understanding and accepting family roles
  • Nutrition harmonization-finding the appropriate dietary lifestyle
  • Career-choosing the right profession
  • The relationship with oneself
  • Spirituality


  • Soul Healing therapy
  • ThetaHealing practitioner
  • Tao of Healing practitioner
  • Yoga stretching practitioner
  • Light and sound therapy
  • Pranic feeding practitioner (vegan-fruitarian)
  • Therapeutic dance practitioner (Sacred dance for healing)
  • Angel therapy practitioner
  •  Art Therapy practitioner
  • Over 14 years in working with people in professions like:
    • Soul Healing Therapist
    • Creator of the volunteering project for children “Energy in Harmony” – held in schools – see the blog on Children relationship section
    • General manager of her own events company
    • Sales and marketing manager in event organizing field

Certificates & Trainings :

  • Basic DNA & Advanced DNA Therapist Certificate la THINK –Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge
  • Peace Ambassador la The Embassy of Peace (Holistic Training Organization)
  • Personal Development Counsellor through the Education Ministry
  • Honor Certificate as a Woman’s Accademy Specialist
  • Nutrition Specialist through Education Ministry
  • Peace Ambassadors Training la The Embassy of Peace 2014-2015
  • Pranic Healing and Biofield Harmonization Training (Darkroom Retreat – Thailand) – 2013
  • Holistic healing and energy bio-field programming training – „Biofield Technician – Biofield harmonization and programming, Mind – Self Empowerment Academy (Assisi Italy) 2013
  • Theta Healing Basic and Advanced DNA Course – March – June 2012
  • Holistic healing and energy bio-field programming training – Self Empowerment Academy – 2011
  • Pranic Healing, Meditation, Nutrition, Mind Programming, Angelic Healing, Light Color Healing, Channeling, Personal and global energy healing – Self Empowerment Academy – 2010

Cristiana Eltrayan is also now working as a Peace Ambassador at The Embassy of Peace, an international NGO created to help those interested to enjoy personal and spiritual development programs through her workshops and video programs.

As an author, she shares her experience in her internationally published books, on lifestyle changes, vegetarianism and healthy nutrition, mentality changes, couple and sexuality harmony, spiritual development.

How to subscribe

The energy exchange for this program is 333 E

All former participants of live, online or video trainings with this theme benefit from 50% discount.

For a two-rate payment the total fee is 444 E, or 222 E/month .

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Cristiana Eltrayan has been facilitating this class since 2013, as live and online gatherings. Here’s what people say:

“The seeds you’ve planted are starting to grow roots. I started my exercising again and I gave up the wild way of feeding myself. I started taking good care of my body and to be more aware of my love for the temple of my soul. The meditation is wonderful! I learned things from you that I am now applying and you have inspired me with a more loving way of treating my body and my food. I am now focusing on applying everything you have offered me through your book, interviews and private sessions. I work intensively to transform all these in habits. I thank you for everything. You are a being full of gifts and love and I am glad to have known you!”AM. A. – Bucharest


“I am very fond of the fact that you give us many keys for the daily life. I am so grateful to have subscribed to this program (The Luscious Lifestyles Program), it is one of the most wonderful things that have hapened to me lasly. I have never had such an opportunity in my life! I thank God you exist, for opening our horizon so much!”E.D. – Iasi