Sun Prana Retreat with Cristiana Eltrayan

Spanish translation available during the retreat

Have you…

Ever wondered if you can get rid of cravings and eat lighter and lighter?

Ever wanted to have a clear mind, high performance at work and an unparalleled ability to focus?

Ever longed for emotional balance (no ups and downs, no anger or panic attacks) ?

It you have, then join us in this ultimate transformational retreat that helps you regain the keys to your balanced life and sky-rockets your potential.


The Sun Prana Retreat is the natural path to building a healthy, lean body, a sharp, focused mind and emotions like happiness and bliss at your fingertips!

Imagine yourself hosted in a cozy, pittoresque, Spanish room with stunning nature surroundings, breathing in the scent of the traditional Andalusian flowers and spices, while the warm breeze on a sun-kissed hill is caressing your skin in your morning meditation.



Imagine bathing in a superbe pool before preparing for a fantastic day of holistic practice with joyful, open, like-minded people that share their experience and wisdom with you!


Imagine the stunning conversations, breath-taking a-ha moments and liberating emotional integrations that the facilitator and the  group are offering for you.



                                                                   And that is just a glimpse of it…

During this retreat you  learn to:

use plants, fruits and juices to detox your body,mind and emotions

go through extended times of very light diet and still feel energized, happy and powerful (even more than before)

develop food awareness (be in touch with your body and only feed it the nutrients it needs

get rid of cravings

sky-rocket your energy level, without the need of coffee and other additional energizers

use simple tools to achieve your goals and harmonize your relationships

be mindful of your choices and only choose what’s for your highest good


Book your awesomness time for November 7-11, 2018!

Ask for the nanny, the free hours and the budget solutions and the Universe will give you all you need as you are meant to be here!


Spain – in the stunning area of Málaga,Spain

The retreat is held in a fabulous location with outdoor pool, indoor Spa and daily relaxing activities (Yoga, Chi Gong, meditative dance).

What to expect:

Get ready to bask into the amazing pranic surroundings of this center situated between the energy-charged hills of Spain, in a quiet place, but buzzing with life essence!



Prepare for an Energetic “Spa”:

  • daily meditation,
  • Qi Gong and Yoga (according to your health and mood),
  • energization exercises from various ancient traditions,
  • breathing techniques,
  • mind programming for health, rejuvenation and success,


…daily access to the amazing hotel facilities:

outdoor pool to get your body relaxed and toned with a morning swim .


amazing nature trips: feel your lungs cleansed and rejuvenated by the luscious prana of the surrounding hills, while delighting your eyes with the rich green abundance of the forests and the colorful symphony of the Catalan flowers. Feel your body rejuvenated and invigorated by walking in nature amongst the fairies 


delighting shopping session through traditional totem stores and pittoresque Catalan art – to take home a glimpse of Andalucia…


The benefits of being with us in this retreat:

  •  Energization & rejuvenation
  •  Balancing your diet
  •  Regulating metabolism
  •  Relaxation and healing
  •  Eliminating the fatigue
  •  Enhancing sexual satisfaction and awareness
  •  Amplifying personal magnetism
  •  Recovering your health and friskiness

Who is the facilitator?

Cristiana Eltrayan works as a therapist, international holistic speaker and author. Additionally, she often travels for opening and maintaining energy portals along the planet, following the planetary energy lines and also the cosmic rhythms. These works are the result of the inner guidance that the author is receiving .

Her workshops and classes have as a main theme the energetic nourishment, the Taoist emotional intelligence and pranic methods of healing and recalibration, converging to the consciousness of unity.  She combines the ancient knowledge with the modern scientific discoveries, to bring a complex and complete picture on the unlimited nature of the human potential.  Since 2009 she has been studying the Pranic nourishment (the possibility of being nourished by energy/chi/mana) and since 2013 she is offering lectures and classes on this subject.

As the founder of the Soul Healing Accademy, she has created several projects, including the Pranic Consciousness Summit , the Pranic Festival in Romania, the Energy in Harmony holistic educational program for children in schools and more than 14 charity and ecology campaigns called the It’s Better with Love .

Life Path

After having pursued and achieved professional success in management, she has oriented herself towards the self-balancing and spiritual development field, which she has studied and practiced for years with Yoga, qi-gong and other biofield practices that are meant to make us a purer channel for The Divine.

Her intention and drive is to become and stay a pure channel for Light for as long as possible in this physical body and to share this knowledge with those opened to this.

 The Therapy Work

She is now practicing the Soul Healing – Holistic Therapy – which deals with the balance between body – mind-soul and deprogramming and reprogramming the energy field, and shares her experiences in books, workshops, classes and conferences.

She is applying the Soul Healing therapy for the following life aspects:

  • Love/couple relationships – healing emotional trauma, managing internal/external conflicts
  • Parent-children relationships – managing disagreements or disabilities
  • Family relationships- understanding and accepting family roles
  • Nutrition harmonization-finding the appropriate dietary lifestyle
  • Career-choosing the right profession
  • The relationship with oneself
  • Spirituality


  • Soul Healing therapy
  • ThetaHealing practitioner
  • Tao of Healing practitioner
  • Yoga stretching practitioner
  • Light and sound therapy
  • Pranic feeding practitioner (vegan-fruitarian)
  • Therapeutic dance practitioner (Sacred dance for healing)
  • Angel therapy practitioner
  • Practica Art therapy
  • Over ten years I working with people in professions like:
    • Soul Healing Therapist
    • Creator of the volunteering project for children “Energy in Harmony” – held in schools – see the blog on Children relationship section
    • General manager of her own events company
    • Sales and marketing manager in event organizing field

As an author, she shares her experience in her internationally published books, on lifestyle changes, vegetarianism and healthy nutrition, mentality changes, couple and sexuality harmony, spiritual development.

Join this retreat if…

If you feel like you need a change in your life

If you want to experience higher states of consciousness

If you feel overwhelmed by stress and working hours

If you feel tired and low vitality

If you experience frequent physical pain, especially in the abdominal area

If you have the tendency of eating in excess (and want to overcome it)

If you frequently have digestive problems

How to book?

To book your place and room just send an installment of 350 E at this link.   The installment must be sent by November 1, 2018.

Early bird 777E (for subscribing by  September 27)

After Septermber 27 the total cost of the retreat is 888 E (shared room)/1203 E(single room) and is to be sent one week prior to the beginning of the retreat (by November 5, 2018).

If you need to arrange a specific payment plan, please contact us at

We offer 10% discount for bringing more than one person to the retreat.

The retreat cost includes:

  • 7 nights – 8 days in beautiful double/single room (you’ll get to share with a like-minded room mate)
  • the retreat specific initiations, program & meditations
  • daily activities with Cristiana Eltrayan (Yoga, Chi Kung, Meditative Dance)
  • walks in nature and final shopping night in the local area(shopping items not included 🙂 )
  • access to indoor jacuzzi and sauna
  • access to outdoor pool and all group activities
  • the services of the professional hotel staff and retreat manager, here to make sure you’re all pampered and relaxed during your stay
  • the serenity and peacefulness of an amazing natural area that you can discover daily

The retreat cost does not include:

  • transportation to Spain and/or to the hotel (the latter can be arranged at a small extra cost)
  • individual healing sessions with Cristiana Eltrayan (available at a discounted price for the retreat participants)
  • additional Spa treatments (massage, limph drainages, beauty wraps and exfoliations )
  • meals (if you choose to have some)

For more details and to keep yourself updated to the retreats news, fill this up:

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For any inquiry please contact us at and +40746165813. Make sure you fill-out the form above to get more details about this retreat and other similar ones!


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We offer 10% discount for bringing more than one person to the retreat.