The Sphinx Day in Romania

Each year in November , hundreds of people gather in meditation and prayer at the Romanian Sphinx, to witness the presence of a pyramid of light that is surrounding the area.
Some say they have been healed,some say they had powerful revelations, some even say they’ve been monitored and followed by unidentified flying objects that seemed to have lights at their base (see pictures below). Either way ,the Romanian Sfinx is a powerful place as it is, and this event makes the area even more magical.
We are now preparing a joint meditation, with Cristiana Eltrayan, to connect to these energies and enhance them all over the planet.
“As you know, this has been my work for some years now and it is a joy to bring together more light workers into this.” says Cristiana Eltrayan.

You can join in the astral plane or you can physically participate with us,as we’re going to have a 3 days Retreat for this (November 27-29, 2018).
For details please contact
You are invited!