Money and what you think of it


Most people think that their relationship with money is only about how much you have in your pocket and how big  the numbers in your bank account. They also associate it to prosperity versus poverty.

In reality  , the relationship to money is even more about health (how healthy your body and mindsets are), self-respect and the balance between giving  and receiving (as well as a balanced emotional state). That’s mostly what there is to it.

Money naturally come to a healthy, happy, person, to one that has the confidence to ask for it and receive it. Money are naturally attracted by a positive mindset, the ability to create and to innovate, but also to see the good and bright side of it all. Money are called to clean, neat, environments, as they reflect the mental focus and good tonus of those who populate these environments.

In a healthy society, money are not the result of ambition or competition. They are the by-product of good, useful service and good attitude. In a healthy environment, money do not come as a result of selling something nobody really needs or something that event hurts or depletes the body, but it always comes as a result of goods and services that are beneficial for the society and commercialized in a mutual beneficial way for the seller and the buyer.

Money is an expression of wealth, but even more so an expression of the well-being. Which means that you are WELL enough to make them and use them. In this respect we have created a video class  about the state of abundance and we’re also preparing an interview with Bernard Lietaer for the Pranic Consciousness Summit, to go deeper in this theme.

Stay tuned and join in!


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