Can raw-veganism cure health issues and hyperactive behavior?


Today at the Pranic Consciousness Summit we had a beautiful meeting with Elisa and Nicolas Musajo, mother and son of a raw-vegan family of 7.

They shared about their raw-vegan lifestyle, sport & veganism, their challenges with all 5 children going raw, and so much more . We found out amazing things about how this lifestyle can actually cure or at least reduce health issues, and also diminish hyperactive behavior with children.

Nicolas and his mother shared with us that in his childhood, more than 15-17 years ago, ┬áNiki was a very active child, even agitated at times, the type of behavior that is nowadays quickly diagnosed and medicated. What they in turn did was to go all on raw foods and sports and channel his energy into arts and the things he enjoyed doing. Now, at almost 23, Nicolas is a fine-grown, mature young man, very athletic and charismatic, as well as an open hearted artist and motorcycle designer, also practicing various sports and winning championships in them…So, after all, it shows it’s not about medication, but it’s all a matter of lifestyle and food choices, and how we choose to channel our children’s energy…

The family also shared that, after more than 10 years on veganism, their health is much better, never having health problems or a flu in winter, always having more energy and focus than other kids their age and far better results in other areas of their life.

Elisa emphasized on the importance on using more raw food than cooked when going to veganism, as this is the only way we can truly have all the nutrients and making sure the physical system gets all it needs. She stated that the reason why some people choose to give-up veganism after a while is because by using cooked food they actually aren’t feeding themselves and they might feel depleted and that the only way to extract all the best from fruits, nuts and veggies is to have them raw!

The mother also shared her challenges with schooling systems, as well as her choice for home-schooling all the other 4 children and how she dedicated her time and patience to help them have better information and more freedom.
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