We are helped! Huge beneficial energy coming in


While the global situation seems to be marked by the doom and gloom, there’s and underlying layer of full expansion and evolution for those who are ready for it.
There’s a energy portal opening up these days (April 4’th & 5th especially), with huge swirls of energy coming in to help humanity evolve past the current situation. It is a matter of choice weather we allign to it or  resist it, the latter is much harder, though 🙂

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Babaji State – Silence Retreat with Victor Truviano in Romania


~Babaji State Silence in silence~ In the absence of words

November 29-December 1st 2019, Romania

Pentru limba romana folositi butonul galben SELECT LANGUAGE(dreapta sus). Toate discutiile sunt traduse in limba romana

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Unity Consciousness, Breatharianism, Living Lighter – Cristiana Eltrayan Interview


A cool talk on high end topics.
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Much love !

Photo: breatharian friends of Cristiana Eltrayan: Elitom El-Amin, breathatian for 14 years, Erika Witthuhn,breatharian since 2001

Courtesy to Jody Deane – Flow Ninja for this interview!