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Dear Friend,
Many have asked for recommendations for better understanding the Pranic /breatharian lifestyle.

The first resource we would recommend is the Pranic Consciousness Summit, the platform where you find all the interviews with the breatharians & scientists that Cristiana Eltrayan has met in this field:

Then, a good source would be The Pranic World Book , see details here, at the BOOKS section:

Then, a video class that Cristiana Eltrayan has been holding for 7 years is called Pranic Consciousness Process and includes all the methods that she has practiced plus a guided Pranic meditation in each webinar (8 webinars in total). That is for weekly recalibration, we recommend watching 1 webinar per week and integrating in the next 7 days (also available in Romanian now) :ā€¦/prana-video-class/

There are live events as well, like the Babaji State Silence Retreat with Victor Truviano in Romania (November 29-December 1st) where you get right into this energy emanation, or the Pranic Festivals: one in India (March 3-8) and one in Romania (August 15-19, 2020); all the live and online events are here:

There are also a bunch of free videos(see books&videos section above) :



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