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Aricle by Cristiana Eltrayan

I haven’t been posting much lately on where I am on my pranic journey, as most people are referring on how little they eat (or not eat) and for me that is not the most important thing at the moment. But, since some of you are asking, here’s my last two years’ pranic journey, in brief:

I have been having times on only liquids or no intake since 2013 now, in 2013 i had one month on half a glass of apple/carrot juice a day, or days with no food or liquids for about 30-40 days, after which I have slowly included small amounts of vegan food back in my life.

Later, in 2016, I have gone back to having longer times on just liquids, as my body is definitely functioning better that way. Since then, I am on liquids or no physical nourishment when I am doing works, like portal attunements (I work a lot with energy vortexes and sacred sites) or healing sessions. Also, when I have conferences/classes with audiences that are READY for pranic nourishment, I am on just prana or water. Some people have reported dropping physical food and being on liquids right after subscribing to a conference, they said they no longer felt the need to eat, probably because they were being prepared, which requires me to hold the high pranic frequency before and during the event.

In my spare time (which is very little, as you can see on my event page 🙂 🙂 ), I sometimes have a small meal/desert with friends or a dear one; i prefer miso soup (vegan) or some cashew cream or a little salad. when i tune into and work with big groups of children I taste chips (their main favorite food-I sometimes use food for tuning into the frequency of a specific group or country). the quantities are about a fistful of whatever it is that am tasting. If I am feeling called to eat in the presence of people that are hungry, or if someone if very de-vitalized, my body feels no weight in my stomach after eating, as if I haven’t eaten at all, so I am not bothered by the food that i have swallowed in those situations(I know it might be hard to understand…). If I am tasting things just for pleasure, my body can sometimes feel uncomfortable or bloated,even with just a bite or small quantities.

My body feels best with juices and miso soup (once/twice per day). That has been my preferred intake now for 2-3 years.

In the past few months I am also feeling very good with just water and kombucha. I find kombucha very refreshing and it gives me a buzzing feeling in my body and gets me in the mood for getting things done (I usually work on 4-5 projects in parallel and travel extensively, moving around every 2-3 days, so for that I need to get more into a yang mode as opposed to the yin, flowing and resting state that is common in my spare time).

As lifestyle, I meditate several hours per day and most of my activities keep me in the Alpha-Theta state (conferencing and healing sessions mainly); I do daily yoga and/or chi kung and meditative dance; I practice Tantra, I hike every week for several hours (I live in a quite secluded place in mountains in my spare time). I am in silence most of the time, ( except conferences and sessions). I meet a friend or two, once or twice per week, the rest is destined to my spiritual practice and work.

In my work it sometimes travel to 2-3 countries per month and sometimes 15-20 cities in two weeks, which requires me to fine-tune my field very quick to be able to switch between the frequencies I work with (I can be in the highest, most pristine mountain one morning and in the busiest airport in the afternoon, and same nest day and so on…).

To chill out I love to knit, paint, write (5 books published, two in the works) and surrender ro music and dance – which all stimulate right brain mode.

I avoid calling myself a breatharian, or whatever, because that would put a label on me and confuse people who don’t understand energy shift with tastes and frequencies. I prefer to say that we’re all Pranic Consciousness.

My bio and projects can be found here for more details on the nature of my work in the world.

The next events I participate in are here.

My Pranic Journey – Part 2 – Cristiana Eltrayan

As I talked about my lifestyle&pranic journey above, I feel to add a few things about this:

For me, things I no longer needed in life dropped naturally as a result to a frequency allignment. Same with food:

– I naturally felt to become vegetarian at 17, as I saw some dead chicken and I realized they cannot be our food(they weren’t looking very well);

– I totally dropped meat and fish 10 years ago, I first dropped red meat ad chicken and after an Easter lent, as I tasted fish, I felt I no longer liked it, it was making me sick, so I never tried to eat it again, it was clear to me that I no longer frequency match with that energy;

– I never tried to be a vegan, but 8 years ago, all the way through 2012, I had a purification/detox diet called Oshawa. I basically ate only 4 cereals, water and salt for almost one year (it was supposed to be 10 days per month but I couldn’t eat much in between, as I felt the rest of the food very heavy). I do not recommend it IN ANY WAY for such an extended period, but that is what I did; in parallel, I was doing enemas, Shankaprakshalana(salt water cleanse) and yoga exercises for purification; after the Christmas lent of 2012 I naturally felt the dairy products were too heavy for my body and I no longer bought them, so I became a vegan; I would sometimes drink hot chocolate or take ice cream, but I never felt comfortable eating cheese or dairy products after that, so I excluded them from my diet. When I tried tasting them again (in a slice of vegetarian pizza or so), I would feel very heavy and usually fell asleep after having a few bites. They just no longer matched my frequency;

– with breatharianism, I heard of it in 2009 as some friends invited me to Jasmuheen’s workshop; it felt very true, possible and natural to me, as an outcome of frequency shift. I never thought to become one, though, as I liked taste very much; after the detox diet in 2012, I was no longer so dependant on taste, as the 4 cereals I had eaten weren’t tasty at all :); so, as that fell out, I could lighten up my food intake naturally, and in 2013 i did 10 days in Darkroom with just juices (see my book Darkroom Retreat, A Lightful Mystical Experience); after Darkroom I naturally couldn’t eat for about a month, all I could swallow (in some days)was apple/carrot juice, in small amounts ,or water;in other days, water and juice seemed very heavy and my throat would have pain if I tried to swallow those; I would feel a fresh-sweet energy dripping down the roof top of my mouth; as I hold my tongue there, I still feel it, and it made impossible taking a denser substance at that time; I now often have days like this; they are days of intense work and creativity; usually, important projects occur in these times; The rest of the times I prefer the intake that I mentioned above.

From my own experience, having pushed myself in many ways, with hours and hours of yoga practice, enemas, cleansing and detox protocols and intense holistic training, I can say that pushing yourself is not always that good. It sometimes helps breaking old habits, but other times it just creates an un-natural rhythm that can damage other energies in your system. I refer a lot to an organic journey,especially through breatharianism, as it can be extremely damaging if forced. Should you need resources to refer to (books, videos, classes), I have structured one here, that includes my work of the past 7 years.

EnJOY (and take it lightly)!” Cristiana Eltrayan

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