India – The Land of Magick


India is the land of magick. The land of sacredness and of The Divine revealed in all.

There’s so much gentleness and devotion in this land that you can literally feel uplifted just by thinking of it.Here, people have the deeper understanding of cause and effect and they can encompass it. They have the experience of the power of prayer and they live it, daily. They have the humbleness that generates adoration and theyexperience it in their hearts every day, uplifting their spirits. That is why, for India, we are bringing together the modern day sages,the yogis of the big cities, the ones that are maintaining a state of en-lightenment not by sitting in a cave, but by blending daily with the masses, maintaining their focus and balance and sacredness in busy airports, in big gatherings, in crowded public places where Maya, the big illusion player, is at its peak.

They are coming together for a gathering like no other, The Pranic Festival in India, in an area that seems crafted from a dream: a pyramid place constructed in the coordinates of the pyramid in Giza, for meditation and spiritual practices, in the middle of a sacred land, with the depth and devotion of a spiritual ashram, but the modern facilities of a high-end meeting place.

The finest people of the planet are coming together for this gathering to bring up and encourage the development of a new era – the era of freedom and self-empowerment.Through meditation, prayer and practice, through clear intention and pure communion, these people are bringing forth the rainbow announcing the Golden Age, an age of peace, autonomy and deep communion with our inner Divinity – the spark of Light , Truth and Lovethat resides in each and every one of us.


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