Pranic Festival in India


Dear friends, am happy to announce that the next PRANIC FESTIVAL starts on March 3-8, 2020 in India! We’re now having a 5 day festival in a  pyramid in India and also the possibility to visit other India’s energy portals (sacred sites) after the festival.

During the Festival we have extraordinary speakers, teachers of energy mastery from all over the world will join to share their experience and knowledge. There’s going to be a lot of meditation, practice, Chi Kung and other special techniques that each of them are using for prana circulation. The Pranic Festival is created in a pyramid that has the coordinates of the Giza one and has an awesome resonance!

Some of the speakers have been nourished by Prana/ Chi/Energy for more than 10 years now and are sharing their journey and practice with this. 

After the Festival we’re going to Ellora&Ajanta in an initiatic journey, March 9-11, 2020

The Pranic Festival in India also covers insights on nutrition and energy nourishment, body awareness, conscious sexuality (tantra) and so much more…

Learn more about the connection between pranic festivals and the energy portals of the world, here(video credit Thriive India, filmed during GCSS):

To learn more about the speakers, location and how to get there, check the Festival’s page


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