Pranic Meditation – How To Harness More Energy


After following the path of pranic nurishment for more than 10 years and as the result of participating to many pranic gatherings and breatharian conferences, we have noticed that people ger very energized and happy during these events. By working on integration processes after a pranic process or gathering, and by talking to people about their general state at home, after these retreats, the general tendency is that the energy decreases and most people feel sad that they’re not able to preserve or enhance the innitial state of energization that they had during the events.

As a result of all this feedback, we have created a pranic meditation to help people obtain, maintain and increase the pranic state.

The meditation is designed to cleanse, harmonize and align your energy so that you can enjoy more pranic nourishment and healing.

Especially useful when you’re feeling tired, disconnected or need an extra boost of energy to get your projects done or create new ones. Through daily repetition, your pranic field is enhanced and your ability to be in tune with the universal flow increases exponentially.

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Should you need more help in the integration process, after a pranic retreat or festival, we have created an 8 modules video class in collaboration with Cristiana Eltrayan, containing 8 pranic meditations and many this and practices for maintaining and increasing your pranic state. It is called the Pranic Consciousness Process and you can order your copy at


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