The World After Quantum Transition


The World After Quantum Transition – important discovery has significant influence on our mind, bioenergy, health and life in general

“Valentina Mironova, biophysics, worked in the Cosmic Center 20 years – specialization – closed discoveries.

Theme  of the year 2014 – the world after the quantum transition. Everyone still remembers expectations in 2012, fear of unknown, catastrophes. The change realized, but not in the way and place, as we expected. Quantum transition came true, the particles from one energy level moved to a different energy level, so be aware that we are on “another planet”, and therefore all laws begin to operate another way. Our laws – that is the world of the past.

Hydrogen changed, the energy spectrum of hydrogen changed. This spectrum has the ultrared color, no infrared and is much deeper. This spectrum is for us leading and all this has on all of us significant influence.

Time will come when everything will be managed by the minds.

But we have not came yet in such a good concentration of mind and awareness of ourselves and our abilities. What has changed, is our nervous system, and some glands, our immunity, which is now monitoring our every thought, and that is why it is so important – to know how to think. Think before you think. Come true everything and immediately. There is no time to sit and think what will happen. Now is important to be and live right here and right now, in the present.

Before we all were responsible for our actions, but now we will learn to be responsible, even for our thoughts. It is necessary to evolve deep feelings. The Universe begins to create different events that help come true our wishes (regardless of whether they are positive or negative). Everything is going on with our mind.

Now is coming the time when we must think not just before we say something, but even before we begin to think because everything is immediately implemented. That no one does for us, we do it.

Those of us who chose the spiritual evolution, will think before we start thinking.”Source

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