Darkroom Technology, Bigu and Sexual Alchemy – Mantak Chia & Cristiana Eltrayan


A beautiful talk with Mantak Chia and Cristiana Eltrayan, on the benefits of Darkroom, Bigu(energy fasting and sexual alchemy:

Cristiana Eltrayan offers couselling for before and after darkroom retreats.

For more details on the Pranic Festival in Romania, please visit this link:https://soulhealingacademy.com/evenimente_viitoare/pranic-festival-romania-2019/

For details on Darkroom retreat with Mantak Chia, visit his website: https://www.tao-garden.com/

For inner alchemy practice for women, visit:http://soulhealing-holistictherapy.com/healing-exercise/

For inner alchemy practice for men, visit:https://soulhealingacademy.com/products/masculine-sexual-healing/


What Is Prana?

Prana (also known as Prana Vayu), or life force, is the Sanskrit word for the energy that permeates everything in the universe. Prana is an extremely important concept to understand, as it has an inescapable link to the process of enlightenment for Hindus, Buddhists, and Tantric traditions.

Can refer to energy, life, or breath. In other traditions it is called chi or qui, and some call it Life Force.

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