Darkroom Technology, Bigu and Sexual Alchemy – Mantak Chia & Cristiana Eltrayan


A beautiful talk with Mantak Chia and Cristiana Eltrayan, on the benefits of Darkroom, Bigu(energy fasting and sexual alchemy:

Cristiana Eltrayan offers couselling for before and after darkroom retreats.

For more details on the Pranic Festival in Romania, please visit this link:https://soulhealingacademy.com/evenimente_viitoare/pranic-festival-romania-2019/

For details on Darkroom retreat with Mantak Chia, visit his website: https://www.tao-garden.com/

For inner alchemy practice for women, visit:http://soulhealing-holistictherapy.com/healing-exercise/

For inner alchemy practice for men, visit:https://soulhealingacademy.com/products/masculine-sexual-healing/


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