11.11.22 is a powerful portal for personal, planetary and galactic reallignment.
In other words, all things are hightened and made better by today’s energy.
This is a beautiful time to imagine and embrace a new way of thinking and a new way of doing. We are being forced to make that right or left turn towards our destiny. 

Why Is It Called A Portal?

The 11:11 portal is a gateway. It is an opening. It’s an energetic access exchange between our human minds that are dictated by Free Will, and the overall positioning of the Universe and its need to redirect each one of us to live our best, highest vibrational self.

The pathway to finding our true self is one that includes digging deep, addressing childhood wounds, misrepresented core programming, and forgiveness . 

22 Adds A Power Punch To 11.11

This year’s special portal opening offers a unique twist; 11:11:22 so we are expecting this year’s portal to be that of a sharp boost in raising our vibration and personal expectation because this turbo enhancement gives us a sense of confidence we haven’t felt for some time.

On 11:11, we knowingly or unknowingly rip the bandage clean off our emotional wounds to begin a detailed healing process. Because healing requires that we admit there is a wound that needs attention in the first place, we naturally want to fight off what is not in our comfy zone.

We are feeling upside down, tilted, out of our security limits. We begin a coveted journey toward finding and embracing what we call, our True North, our true sense of self-worth, self-reliance, and honesty. It gives us an energy boost of confidence

This portal has a dual purpose. First, growth and expansion. Next, the metaphysical world deems the 11-11 as the Deep Soulmate/Twin Flame portal.  It’s where the energy is released from the Ether to Earth, guiding us to find clues, synchronicities, and other findings that lead us to our Twin Flame.    

Why call this the Twin Flame/Deep Soulmate Portal.
11:11 is the magic number of The Twin Flame soulmate, two souls separated at birth that find each other, designed to bring out a deeper personal alignment in the individual.

 A Twin Flame Union brings two past life lovers/friends/colleagues together to build a solid unit between two souls, but each needs to recognize that they must stand on their own two feet and find a sense of self, first, before full union can take place.

The power behind the energy that happens during the 10:10 and 11:11 and 12:12 – each has its own, unique energetic spin.

  • 10:10 – Awakening
  • 11:11 – Forward momentum, soulmate cycle
  • 12:12 – Stability, Balance & Harmony – self mastery

Embrace it all with your heart, soul, and mind, aligned as one. This month is special. It’s the month that each of us begins to find our True North.
Happy 11:11!
Make it count.

Come and feel the TRANSFORMATION with us today at Sound Healing Ceremony & Manifestation Meditation

We open the 11:11 portal and enjoy the power of manifestation but also the wave of transformation it brings.
At the end of the meditation we also include a 7CHAKRA SOUND HEALING CEREMONY with Tibetan bowls for the 7 chakras 

We ground the energy of 11.11.22 with a closing ceremony of Cacao Ceremony & Extatic Dance


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