Being Completely Loved


We are divine sparks of The Divine, which makes us a part of His divine essence. Accepting this concept allows us behave with greater consideration toward ourselves and others. This is why it is important to explore your beliefs concerning God. Once you have released your negative beliefs about Him, you then move on to learn how to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself then you will have a problem—usually with God. This is the pathway to becoming self-evolved. It is important to explore how you feel about God, since this is also how you feel about yourself.

When you love your yourself first, you forgive what you perceive as your shortcomings. Self-forgiveness is important, as it relates to self-growth. When we use belief work, we learn how to create in the present; we learn to manifest it and teach it. We also work on ourselves with what we believe and work on our past so we don’t live in the past. In order to move forward in our skill sets, we are supposed to learn how to love ourselves. When you learn to love yourself first, then you have the ability to be completely loved by another person and also have the ability to love them back completely.

Real love between two people doesn’t happen every day. To actually let someone know you completely is risky. That means to have one person to know you completely so that we can power up and put those male and female energies together to make changes on the planet. Soulmates help us grow and become better people. In order to find the love that you need, it is important to define just what love means to you. Be open to exploring the many facets of love and what it means to you. Love has many levels, and like with other topics, it may be that they way that you perceive love is not for your highest and best. A lot of people have met their soulmates but never stayed with them. Some people never find their soulmate in this lifetime. When you do find your soulmate, you have to be compatible or they may not be easy to live with. Soulmates know you better than anyone.

One thing that you can do to learn to be completely loved is to actually make peace with your siblings and your family. Your children are usually easy, but your parents and siblings—that is usually a pretty big step. For some healers unconditional love from a stranger may be easier than love for their own family because of sibling competition and abuse from childhood. A lot of us were born into really interesting families on purpose to make great genetic changes. To work on a level and be loved also have a lot of genetic programs because in the past the healers were often an outcast. Some of that takes balancing.

Then there is a level of loving the planet. How to really love and change the planet. It doesn’t mean that the earth isn’t a pretty awesome healer herself; it means how to love the people of the world. How to really love all the different cultures so you can teach all the different cultures. You have to have a love of self, love of a significant other, love of family, love of community, and love of the world. This is one of the basics that God wants us to teach. So we can meet lots of people and see the change. And it starts with you, loving you.



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