Human Photosynthesis : the real source of ATP


In a recent podcast with Sawyer Ji, a researcher and founder of the online encyclopedia on natural medicine, he revealed the beginnings in the field of understanding photosynthesis in mammals and therefore, in humans. Indeed, this concept, which seems wrong when joining these two words together and which until recently was attributed to the kingdom of plants, is beginning to be understood in the human organism for the production of ATP at the cellular level. 

In osteopathy, we always seek to increase mobility in order to optimize the functioning of the body. We will see later how this can be done by addressing body fluids

How does human photosynthesis works?

The concept of human photosynthesis goes hand in hand with the understanding of melanin, this skin pigment, which defines the color palette present in it. Studies of sea turtles that can hibernate underwater for 4 or 5 months have shown that melanin can dissociate the molecules of water to allow this reptile to breathe underwater. Dr. Arturo Solis, who studies this amazing ability of melanin explains that the energy source behind the production of ATP is not glucose but the energy stored in the hydrogen which must be separated from the oxygen to give the precious electrons to the mitochondria so that they produce ATP. Mitochondria are the organelles inside cells that are the ATP factories and hold most of the electrons in their transport chain through the supply of the hydrogen electron separated by melanin. But the separation of the water contained in the body is not an easy task because it is normally necessary to heat the H2O to 2000 degrees Celsius in order to separate the gaseous components. Melanin does this because it captures photons from sunlight and holds a phenomenal amount of energy.[1]

It’s the miracle of nature. The theory behind which the human body works by burning glucose and oxidizing it comes from Lawassie and Presley over 300 years ago. It seems to be lacking proof in several places and remains only a well accepted theory that is the basis of human biology. Recent discoveries challenge this once again and lead to a completely different explanation, according to Professor Daniel Nocera of MIT: energy comes from the dissociation of water, stored in hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen is the perfect candidate; it’s the main energy conveyor throughout the universe. And melanin is everywhere in the body, and in the environment. Astronomers can even capture huge clouds of melanin molecules in space, the size of a galaxy, in pictures. Phenomenal!

The miracle action of melanin

Melanin is even stronger than chlorophyll in plants to do the same thing. In plants, once the water is separated by chlorophyll, they expel oxygen, since it is toxic. In mammals, melanin dissociates two molecules of water, it captures 4 electrons for the electron transport chain, and then re-forms the water molecule. The process by which melanin produces this mechanism is on the order of nanos or picoseconds. So almost an instantaneous continuum. And melanin is everywhere.

Glucose, fat, proteins and metabolites transported by the blood, build and reconstruct matter, the body. But the energy used for their transformation comes from the dissociation of water, and ultimately, from the sun.

This is what the melanin produced in the eyes and the optic nerve of the embryo at five months is for. Certainly not to see, but to capture photons of light through the mother’s abdomen and produce ATP for the high energy demands of the embryo’s genesis.

The place with the most melanin in the brain is the substancia nigra and the locus cerebellum. So are the choroid plexuses of the ventricles which can extract energy from the water in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)[2]. In osteopathy we use craniosacral techniques to mobilize and optimize the circulation of the CSF. Dr. Solis explains that when these places in the brain lose their efficiency, energy production becomes deficient and the appearance of diseases like Alzheimer’s occurs. A whole new branch of medicine is opening up to find new solutions with these discoveries. And in osteopathy, the mobility of fluids, perhaps to optimize the dissociation of water and human photosynthesis, has always been paramount in his overall vision of the body.

According to the interview with Sawyer Ji, there are compounds that are particularly rich in bioassimilable melanin in nature in order to increase our melanin and thus increase the production of ATP so that cells can have more energy for all their functions. Of all the natural sources, usually very colorful foods, the richest one would be this well known fungus which grows in the boreal forests of the northern hemisphere, Chaga. Its dark color would testify to this. And a second compound proposed by Ben Greenfield, author, athlete and popular health coach names methylene blue as a compound ultra rich in melanin, hence its color once again dark blue. A pharmaceutical grade source must be found, but this compound is already known as a powerful nootropic, precisely because it can increase ATP production under the influence of light. These two substances, chaga and methylene blue would be more effective under exposure to natural sunlight or under photo-bio-modulation technologies with infrared lamps.

The most astonishing thing, get ready, would be the ability of melanin to use not only visible light to dissociate water and aid energy production, but the whole wave spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays. It could be that melanin can therefore use the waves emitted by unnatural EMFs like wifi, 3 and 4G, 5G etc. It remains to be confirmed if the addition of exogenous melanin could really protect us from the toxic technological environment in which we bathe.

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Article by Janeck Olczyk




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