Christmas Pranic Retreat LIVE


Dates: December 25th – 27th

We meet in a beautiful mountain place in Romania and we raise our frequency together with daily meditation, hiking, singing, playing and other Pranic techniques to keep our vibe high and our heart open wide for the Christmas energy to enhance and upgrade us

Super exclusive :max 6 places

We meet at 2 pm on December 25th and we end the retreat at 12 pm on December 27th

To book your place send 155E at PayPal by December 15th. The rest of the amount is to be sent by December 22nd.

Should you need a payment plan write to us at for solutions

Total retreat contribution: 555E. Accommodation in double shared room included

Not incuded: transportation and meals. We’re providing natural juices/smoothies 3 times per day, if extra food is necessary each one brings his own preference ; only light vegan meals are recommended. Meat based products are not to be consumed during this retreat


All our events are non refundable but transmitable to other events/products


Christmas Retreat with Cristiana Eltrayan


(Traducere in romana mai jos)
Feel like joining your soul-family this Christmas? Like-minded people to share meditation, same lifestyle,profound conversations and soul-sharing with?

We invite you to bask into the loving pranic flow of Christmas, in a beautiful mountain place in Romania, close to the Romanian Sphinx. We invite you to celebrate Christmas with us in a beautiful, holistic way, with meditation,happy soul sharing, good veg food and lots of prana. We’ll visit some of the most beautiful places in the Romanian mountains, we’ll pray/meditate in ancient temples and sacred sites and we’ll warm up with cinnamon apple drinks and prana love meditations in the warm cozy rooms of beautiful a beautiful mountain venue right next to an amazing glorious castle. All activities have Romanian/English/French/Italian translation
Join us in this beautiful Christmas Retreat with Cristiana Eltrayan!

Kids are welcome

December 24-26, starting afternoon time 6 pm.
If you arrive earlier you can be hosted and chill out until we begin the retreat.
If you want a shorter time,let us know the number of days that you can attend (accomodation prices might vary accordingly).

Where? Busteni, Romania, close to Romanian Sphinx

How to book:

Book your place today by sending 50% of the retreat amount via paypal The rest of the amount is due by December 22.

Total retreat cost:

– 333E in double shared room* (you get to share room with fabulous people)

For teens and students (between 12 and 22): 222E (accomodation included).

For children** under 12: 18 E/day for accommodation. Entrance is free.

To book your place and room you can send 50% at this link now and 50% by December 22nd.

*All prices include accommodation in double shared room. To book a place in single room, the extra cost is 54 E, so 387 E total retreat  (places in single rooms are subject to rapid booking and might not be available after this week).

**Children are welcomed and have free entrance up to 12 years old.

For questions contact [email protected] +40746165813


If you’re coming by plane, you then have to either rent a car or come by train to Busteni.

If you need to book a hotel in one of the cities of landing, use this link to get a discount.

Here you have the trains timetable from Bucharest and Brasov:

Trains from Bucharest are here. Trains from Brasov are  here.


Vrei sa petreci Craciunul cu oameni frumosi, cu un stil de viata similar cu al tau, cu care sa impartasesti meditatii si momente de suflet, discutii profunde si comuniune de la suflet la suflet?

Te invitam sa te delectezi in energia iubitoare a Craciunului, intr-un loc frumos din Romania, aproape de Sfinx. Te invitam sa sarbatoresti Craciunul cu noi intr-un mod holistic, cu meditatie, comuniune a sufletelor, hrana vegetariana delicioasa si multa prana. Vizitam unele dintre cele mai frumoase locuri din Romania, ne rugam /meditam in temple antice si locuri sacre si ne incalzim inimile cu meditatii pline de iubire si bautura calda cu mar si scortisoara, in camerele calde si primitoare ale unei vile montane frumoase.

Toate activitatile au traducere in romana/engleza/franceza/italiana.

Vrei sa fii alaturi de o “familie de suflet” de Craciun?
Alatura-te noua in acest Retreat de Craciun cu Cristiana Eltrayan.

Copiii sunt bineveniti.

24-26 decembrie 2019, incepem in jur de ora 6 pm.

Daca ajungi mai devreme te poti caza si te relaxezi pana incepem retreatul. Daca vrei sa participi pe o perioada mai scurta, scrie-ne si anunta-ne cate zile poti participa(pretul cazarii poate varia in functie de asta).

Unde? Busteni, Romania

Cum iti rezervi locul?
Rezerva-ti locul acum trimitand jumatate din suma retreatului la Paypal Restul de 50 % se achita pana la 22 decembrie

Suma pentru retreat este 333E (include cazarea in camera dubla cu o alta persoana*)

Pentru adolescenti si studenti (intre 12 si 22 ani): 222 E (in camera dubla cu alta persoana)

Pentru copii** sub 12 ani : 18 E/zi pentru cazare. Participarea este libera

*Toate preturile includ cazare in camera dubla cu alta persoana.

Pentru camera single se achita 54 E suplimentar (deci 387 E in total pentru retreat). Camerele single se rezerva rapid si e posibil sa nu mai fie disponibile dupa aceasta saptamana.

**Copiii sunt bineveniti si au intrare libera pana la 12 ani

Pentru intrebari contactati [email protected]


Pranic Process Romania – Cristiana Eltrayan & Pascal Martelli


We invite you to spend a wonderful transformational week at the passage between old and new year, as part of a pranic process with Cristiana Eltrayan & Pascal Martelli.

This process of 7 days has the purpose to bring the person to a more stable pranic state through deep healing and connection with spirit guides. This is an intense course of bioenergy, shamanism, dry fasting and prana intake (meditation, yoga, breathwork). The course is given in English and in Romanian (translated).

Structure of the process: Two weeks of courses (12 full days of teachings) with a transition period inbetween (5 months); additional daily meditation of 30min and monthly Zoom meetings of 1h (4x). Eventually discussion of the organization of a third week of 7 days (vision quest and physical transition to pranic state).

The facilitators

About Cristiana Eltrayan

Cristiana Eltrayan, co-facilitator of the retreat, traveled throughout the world attending workshops and conferences on the subject, studied and practiced the methods of feeding and healing with light in the last 9 years and created several information and education projects on the subject : Pranic Consciousness Summit, an online platform where over 29 specialists in the field hold conferences on pranic nutrition; Pranic Festival in Romania, a meeting of the 4th edition that gathered speakers from all over the world who specialize in this practice, and the Darkroom Retreat and The Pranic World Book, explaining their own experiences and research on the subject.
Currently, Cristiana holds conferences and therapeutic sessions on prana nurishment and healing in several countries around the world and is helping people interested in understanding this paradigm.

Since 2013 she teaches the Pranic Consciousness Process, a class that helps participants organically integrate the Pranic state.
See Cristiana’s extended bio here

About Pascal Martelli

Pascal, born in 1981 in Switzerland has a foot in Shamanism/ Mediumship/ Spiritual Healing and another in science. With a PhD in neurophysics, he continues his research in altered state of consciousness (lucid dreams, trance and meditation). He is also a therapist giving healing and guidance. His goal is to create bridges between the invisible and the visible world! He received the pranic teachings from Henri Monfort, Nicolas Pilarz, Jasmuheen, Mirit and Ray Maor.
“It’s through my Spiritual healing that I discovered a decreasing need of sleep and food, more generally less physical, emotional and mental hunger!”


First week (Medicine-Man/-Woman):

December 27th 2019 – January 2nd 2020

Second week (Alchemist):  May 23rd- 29th, 2020

Third Week– Dates still to come


The retreat is held in Romania, in a beautiful mountain area with lots of sacred sites, castles and historical places to visit, out in nature, very pristine place, 1.30 h away from Bucharest Otopeni airport and 2 h away from Bucharest, the capital of the country.

The cozy, pitoresque retreat place is in a quiet mountain village, with peaceful surroundings and beautiful forests nearby. Private kitchen with access to juicers is available for those who want to bring their own fruits/juice makers.

The accommodation is in double shared rooms.

Single rooms are available for those who book early bird (by November 15).

Food: it’s at your own convenience. Advised: green and fresh light food like salads or juices. The third day of the week: only water, 4th and 5th days of the week: dry fast (if advised: individual energy and health check). You will buy or bring your own food!

How to Book

To book for the process: send a down-payment of 450E to PayPal

The whole amount is to be fully payed by December 22nd (900 E in total for shared room/ 1020 E for single room)

If you don’t have PayPal, write to us at and we send you account details.

If you need a payment plan, use the same email address and we help you find a solution.

Price for December 27th – Jan 2nd 900 E(Accomodation & liquid food included).

The price is mentioned for double shared room. For single room, the price is 1020 E/week

The second week is to be payed by May 22nd (900E/ 1020 E for single room


Week 1: “Medicine-Man/-Woman”: BuildS a strong base of new habits to cleanse the emotional body, prepare the physical body and increase the prana intake. Introduction to Bioenergy and Shamanism. This week is a deep healing retreat.

Structure of the “Medicine-Man/-Woman” week

Day 1: Introduction, pranic state, process presentation

Day 2: Bioenergy (aura, chakras), clairsentience, healing

Day 3 : regression, holotropic breathwork

Day 4 : shamanic journey, spiritual guides, sacred space, intuition

Day 5 : soul retrieval, extraction, tantric state, addiction

Day 6: reprogramming, manifestation, social aspects

Day 7: daily habits, next steps


Theory, exercises, work in pairs and meditation. The content changes everyday according to group dynamics.

Yoga: Tree of life (mix of 5 tibetan rite, tai chi) and meditation

Grounding: energy healing and massage feet/back

Movie: related with shamanism/ spirituality/ breatharianism

Sharing: circle of discussion/ sharing and questions.

New Year’s Eve Celebration: surprise 😉

Week 2: “Alchemist”: Darkroom retreat. 6 days in complete darkness and silence to deepen the healing and strengthen the connection with the spirit guides. Daily yoga, meditation, channeling and shamanic journey with the drum

For any enquiries contact or +40746165813






Pranic Nourishment Unveiled – The Pranic World Book


Dear friends,

Come meet me for an open online event where you can ask questions, share experience and be with like-minded people who are interested in the pranic journey


After participating to all the Pranic Festivals, after holding open talks with all the pranic people that we know(for the online Pranic Consciousness Sumit), after doing private healing sessions with people that have done pranic processes and after holding the Pranic Consciousness Process for 5 years now while also being on my pranic journey for more than 9 years, I am now presenting this research in The Pranic World Book.

It is a book that reveals the secrets of living on light (pranic nourishment) from many different perspectives, unveiling the mysteries and the scientific proof of the body’s ability to use energy as nourishment.

The Pranic World Book gives clear answers to your questions regarding this possibility, from a holistic, as well as a scientific perspective, combining the journeys and the experience of all the people that I’ve met on this path.


During this online event you have the chance to get the answers to questions that were bugging you for years. You get familiar with the perspectives that are shared in the book as well as the solutions that it offers for a smoother pranic path.


We meet online on Sunday, April 22, at 11 am

After subscribing you receive a direct link to the webinar via email and you can login and be in direct contact with all of us during the event.


 This event is held based on donations.

To subscribe, please use the buttons below:









For any inquiries contact us at:



The Taoist Emotional Intelligence-Emotional&Sexual Energy Healing-Online Class

  • Welcome to the online class that helps you have better relationships, more self-confidence and a fabulous sexual life!

    If you feel like your every day is an emotional carousel, and you tend to over-react or often feel angry, worried or frustrated, if you have trouble dealing with some people in your life (sometimes the closest ones), or you have difficulties in saying what you want and saying no to things that don’t suite you, then this class is for you!

    Join the online class Taoist Emotional Intelligence-Emotional&Sexual Energy Healing to tap into the tools and exercises that can take you back to a state of calm and confidence in less than 10 minutes, in any situation of your life.

    This class is for you :

    If you feel overwhelmed by stress and working hours

  • If you feel tired and low vitality
  • If you frequently have communication issues (not having the courage to say no, or to ask for what you need or want, sending out messages that others misunderstand etc.)
  • If you have a tensed life
  • If you had a rough childhood that is now affecting your present life
  • If you experience frequent physical pain, especially in the abdominal area
  • If you have the tendency of eating in excess
  • If you have digestive problems
  • If you had frequent genital issues (with your ovaries/womb)
  • If you have a boring sex life and want to change this

In this online class we cover the main causes that lead to emotional blockages and relationship difficulties and offer simple but powerful solutions for finally step out of these situations and into your beautiful, confident, energized self.

‘In the Tao “emotional intelligence” is a process of recognizing emotions by their effects on the body, and employing exercises that transform the negative emotions into positive life force, or Chi.” M. Chia – Taoist Master

What are the benefits of the tools in this class:

  •  Learning energizing techniques
  •  Balancing your diet
  •  Relaxation and healing
  •  Eliminating the fatigue
  •  Enhancing sexual pleasure
  •  Amplifying personal magnetism
  •  Recovering the health of your ovaries/womb/prostate

Who is holding the online workshop?

The workshop is held by Cristiana Eltrayan, Holistic Therapist and Author, an experienced Taoist healer and Tantric practitioner who has helped hundreds of people release their blockages and step into their full potential in the field of communication, relationships and sexuality.

Find more about Cristiana, here.

Get access to this class by sending a contribution of $99 via Paypal at

 Important note:

After the payment  write to us at and an email will be sent to you containing the online class.

Share this info with your friends to help them mater their emotional state and step into greatness!