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During the past seven years I’ve been diving deeper in a paradigm that is strange to some: the possibility of living without hunger; the possibility of being nourished by prana, that is.

In 2010 I attended a workshop in Romania, some hundreds of people have gathered together to listen to a lady that was introducing them to the paradigm of being nourished by Chi. Some friends called e over and the paradigm seemed instantly known to me. I found it normal.

After a while, I met the  lady again, the next year, and the next year, as she was coming to visit Romania yearly. Her name is Jasmuheen and she had been nourished by Life Force for more than 15 years when we first met. Then, in 2013, I decided to try it out myself: I knew there was a training in Thailand where I could go and learn more about this possibility: spending ten days and nights in total darkness, with just juice or Prana, exercising pranic nourishment plus many healing tools that would bring one into a more balanced state. So there I went, fully trusting that I was prepared for this type of training, and so I was. It was a bliss and after I came back I even wrote a book about it, called Darkroom Retreat – A Lightful Mystical Experience.

After my return from the training, where I felt natural and comfortable with this way of life (maybe just some cravings as the emotional body was clearing), I went home and spent almost a month without food: I was only having some juice, maybe once a day, once in a few days, sometimes half an apple, if I felt so; and some days I couldn’t imagine swallowing any external nourishment, as my neck was imbued with a far more subtle substance, that would keep me in a high state of peacefulness, too.

I only once tried eating over that month, but the discomfort was so strong the next night, that I had nothing left to do than pray before it stopped. I should have listened…

There  were no rules to this training, or initiation, that I had at home after the retreat in Thailand. All I had to do was to listen to my body and stay tuned to my chakras to see how they reacted to the idea of eating certain things: when I came close to the juice glass, or a fruit, or solid food, if my neck would constrict it meant it didn’t want that food running through it. If the chakras would expand, it meant it was ok to take it. I still function this way with foods and other choices.

I did not feel hungry or weak, I would work, go out, enjoy the day, but my meditation and yoga rhythm were increased during that period, up to several hours of practice during the day or night. “When did you have time for this?” one might ask…We can find time for that, it’s just a matter of lifestyle choices – between T.V./playing computer games/going out or…meditating, time is still  time, in a way.

Anyway, after a while my rhythm got back to a more ordinary pace: I felt called to eat fruit again, then raw salads and at times warm foods (mostly soup) if required. What requires me to do that? I have an inner guidance that tells me what to do, all the time; and I choose to listen – most of the time 🙂 .

From then on, my food intake was weird, as I would have times of prana(and maybe just half an avocado during a day) and times with daily food intake, very light though, once or twice a day. What dictated that rhythm? Mostly, my activities, my degree of busy-ness, the groups I had to meet (it’s so easy to tune into a group’s energy field by having a bite of their traditional food right before meeting them – like an energy blueprint attunement), and so on.

In 2015-2016 I went to several trainings in biofield attunement and met more and more pranic friends. And as my pranic rhythm was weird to me ( I was not WITH food, nor fully pranic, but more like a hybrid device) I wanted to know more about their lifestyle. Surprisingly, after interviewing more than 15 of them and also sharing with them over these years, my conclusion is: with prana and pranic nourishment, there;s no fixed recipe. You cannot treat it like an equation, where a+b always equals c. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

I’ve discovered that each system was different, each one was using his own particular methods to keep himself tuned to the pranic field…and even some said there were no methods!

Further more, it’s not like we’ve imagined, that once you’ve “gone pranic”, you never choose to eat. On the contrary, most of them cherish this gift, while they learned to also really respect and appreciate food and their bodies, as well. So from this perspective, the general word would be…flexibility.

And, to add a final layer, but very important:  what I discovered is that most of us never really sought for this gift of being nourished by prana. What we were after was more allignment, more peace, more joy and, eventually, when those were fully stabilized in their beings, the gift of not feeling hungry came along. Because we were full.

Therefore, I would conclude that pranic nourishment is a matter of lifestyle+ allignment+Grace ; in which Grace plays a big, big part!

Not to be underestimated…”

This is a fragment of The Pranic World Book, by Cristiana Eltrayan

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2 Replies to “Pranic Nourishment & Grace”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful share.
    For me to there is no one way.
    The knowing , that I am sustained through prana is fact.
    I am in a play field, playing with Being and exploring, having fun and Being alined with the All that is.
    Grace Beauty, following the Inner guide.
    Food is for Flavor and celebrating.
    There is a fine lint as to how much.
    Love and Light…

    1. Thank you, I am 🙂
      So true
      For me, as I am sharing a gradual way to transitioning to pranic living (The Luscious Lifestyle Program –, my system has followed that transition process to be able to then support it in others.It’s all so natural 🙂

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