Pranic Nourishment – How To Keep It Safe


As we watch the play of pranic nourishment growing wider, going to mainstream media and mainstream science, we’re also watching the feed-back, as it grown stronger: scientists participating in pranic gatherings, mainstream media publications, like Nexus France (no 106 – pag. 54) and New York Post  filling up full pages of interviews and information on prana; the Resonance Delegate online gathering starting with a talk on pranic nourishment;  Nassim Haramein, renown scientist, going public about his pranic experience and research and so on. 

On the other hand, people are called to become more cautious about how they treat this subject and their body, in that respect. This is no longer a time for reckless games, fulminant declarations for acknowledgement or celebrity, or just out of the tendency to convince people of one’s own beliefs. This is a time of conscious communication, of the knowledge that many people take things to extreme if they are not clearly explained (and warned) about how pranic nourishment works.

We hear some strongly declare that, for every one, there’s no longer need to take physical food and that we just eat for emotional/mental reasons. This might be true to some, but until that emotional/mental need is surpassed, one should not stop eating and starve his body. We cannot just rely on people discernment with such declarations, we need to add solid explanations and tools to them. Because, to some, statements like this are taken literally, and many feel guilty for eating as a consequence. We’ve seen many that think “they’re not good enough”, just because they’ve taken a little salad for lunch instead of being “fully on prana” and surpass their emotional /mental tendecy or just…hunger. Well, that does not create a supportive field for more pranic intake, as the energy of guilt actually blocks the pranic influx.

What we all must know is that, to some, encompassing more prana as nourishment is a process and it has to do with several steps:

  • detoxing the body:getting rid of toxins and parasites supports the pranic field in your body;
  • going lighter in your diet – take out animal products, gradually or totally, then fried stuff, flour and sugars, then cooked food  and eventually you can go to fruits, juices and prana. Regardless of what others might say, this is the safe way to do it
  • detoxing the emotional field, the cellular memory, endocrines and reproductive system, as well as all the chakras – light must have a channel to pass through;
  • reprogramming the cells to know that prana is nourishmentto them – they have been mentally conditioned to expect matter as nourishment for ages, you might want to undo that, before asking your body to go fully pranic;
  •  applying daily tools to check your pranic percentage and see how much you’re really nourished by prana ; this might change constantly, depending on your activity or environment, or it might stay constant if you’re fully stabilized on prana (are you?); The Breath Test is a really good tool, but it has to be well mastered before taking important, vital decisions (!!)
  • having a lifestyle that supports this: after you’ve done one or several pranic trainings, you still have to go home to your life and family, so your pranic intake might decrease gradually if you don’t support it with some tools and daily practices at home; the tools and lifestyle are meant to keep you alligned to the pranic field. The Pranic Consciousness Process and The Luscious Lifestyle Program contain the tools we recommend for keeping that frequency in your system.

As we said, there might be other methods and practices, but, as today we’re talking about safety, this is what we recommend.

And, as we always say in our conferences, if you’re not fully nourished by prana, no big deal! Not all of us are compelled to do it now. We all might have this in the field of possibility, but some after five or ten years, some when they grow older or allign better with their environment, some in another lifetime…there’s no rush! As we always have seen, there’s a passage from this allignment and inner harmony to the pranic nourishment, and not the other way arround. For this is only possible when our system is fully opened.

After all, it’s all a matter of allignment + lifestyle + grace; can’t take grace out of the equation, can’t have one without the other!

Keep it safe!

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