Article by Cristiana Eltrayan

During these challenging times we’ve all been accumulating toxins of some sort: either at the physical level, by having too much or too bad food, being bored in the house and in front of TV.

Or emotional toxins – most of us got that as there’s been a lot of tension and stress and pressure on many of us. Even those who had none of that in their personal life, have picked some up form the collective field and maybe unconsciously processed it behind the scenes. The daily fear game promoted in media and in most public places, the suffering of not being able to meet our loved ones or our friends from other countries or cities, the constant alienation of having to share hugs in media instead of real touch…The fear of getting in the proximity of other people and the longing for touch and embrace that we’ve all experienced, all that has been building up as emotional toxins to  some degree, even if you don’t notice .

And, of course, the loads of toxins from the misinformation, fear games created in news and media, the conflicting approach to the general global situation, eventually leading people to not know what’s right or wrong, what’s healthy and what’s not, what’s safe and what could cease your life… all that might have been storing in the back of your mind as mental toxicity.

I could literally feel this in my body, building up around my chest and hips, sometimes in my root chakra, as planetary toxic residues, sometimes in my throat as unexpressed revolt for all this happening.

I’ve been constantly working to integrate emotions, keep my body toxin-free and keep my mind focused and alert, by willingly “priming” it with the information, news and programming that I WANT and that I know it would be beneficial and productive, instead of weakening and disempowering.

These days our emotional and mental systems are sometimes too charged up to be able to stay on a very light diet without proper attention to emotional detox as well. This might not be your case, but here’s a simple solution:

8 day detox & energy upgrade

-Fruit or veggie smoothie with superfoods (chlorella, aswaghanda etc) for breakfast or at 12 pm

-No food till 6 pm/ or another fruit or veggie smoothie with superfoods in between

-Veg dinner at 6 pm or just another juice/smoothie if you want to keep it on liquids Intermittent fasting till morning or 12 pm

This is permanently detoxing the body, it keeps you hydrated and energized (smoothies have a lot of nutrients, they’re like a blended food, once you think of it) and ease up your digestion (practically, you have all the nutrients and a lot of flavors but you don’t consume any energy for digestion). And at dinner, when you’re finally chewing something, it’s a feast and a moment of gratitude that you enjoy much more than 3 daily meals

I’m practicing this lifestyle for many years, I’ve often been without food for more than 40 days.some days on one juice, some days on water and a few days on no food or water.

Now my “dinner” has become frugal, mostly nuts, pistachios, almonds or raw/warm soup, but it is an interesting joy and in some days I don’t feel to eat or drink anything. Of course, constant mental and emotional detox have been necessary to maintain this lifestyle, but it’s totally worth it, as the benefits are countless: from mental and energetic clarity, to increased focus, coherence and creativity, to amplified power to work and concentrate (up to 300 %) and…no people pleasing (!!!).

You can read more about this lifestyle in The Pranic World Book

We start an 8 day online program in which we go deeper into the practices and meditations especially created for this type of upgrade.

Someone asked me this morning and I had to clarify this: the Pranic Process Online is not about the fasting. That’s just something you can add to it if you want to detox. We’re actually learning powerful energy techniques to energize, cleanse and reprogram our auric field and stay stress free in a stress – full world. And to stay connected to our intuition and divine self. Fasting/Pranic nourishment is the cherry on the top for the ones who want to get to that, but it’s not compulsory while being in this program. However, the food intake might naturally decrease due to the energy work we make. It’s about life changing upgrades !

As we join together in this program, we invite the energies of newness, detoxification and regeneration, as well as the new light codes to wash through us and create new premises for rebirth and support in our evolution, projects, relationships and abundance It is a general reboot and upgrade For spring!

The new 8 day Pranic Process Online is starting this week, 8 days of detox at the physical, emotional and mental level

We’ve created a palylist to help you with your upgrade

See the events section of this website, it has many programs that help with fasting


Every year we hold planetary upgrade meditations in the most important moments of the year ( solstices, equinoxes, cosmic portals like 11.11 or 21.12, Lion’s Gate Portal, Love Day, Peace Day and more).This program addresses the lightworkers that are called to be a part of the planetary upgrade (knowing or not knowing, you feel a call in your heart ), and all those who want to keep their frequency high and upgrade it with every important planetary moment.

To participate to this global upgrade and stay updated, book your 2021 GLOBAL UPGRADE MEDITATIONS PROGRAM via email at or Watsapp +40746165813


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