How to Choose Your Pranic Path


“Throughout the history  there have been many saints and sages who have been nourished by energy/light/prana. From the reports on Paracelsus, Zalmoxis and others who have had this gift hundreds of years ago, to the Hindu Yogis nourished by Grace (Giri Bala, Pralad Jani), to the nowadays increasing number of people reporting to have had this state, it is obvious that this phenomenon no longer to be ignored.

The interesting part, however, is that this path is becoming common amongst the laymen as well, as we have reports of physicists like Nassim Haramein or Pascal Martelli, doctors and bankers, like Michael Werner or Henri Monfort, that have all been in this state for an extended period of time, even years, while performing their daily activities. And also, lots and lots of people that are embracing this lifestyle as it is also becoming a trend.

But beyond the trend and the glitter of it, one must make sure of choosing the right path towards this state, as the roads are many. There are several pranic teachers now that are offering various pranic processes or initiations; some of them are very successful, others are just beginning. But, ultimately, the proof of success on this journey is how many people are able to be more balanced, healthy and conscious after the pranic process. How centered and balanced and balanced one is after he gets home and starts picking up their normal, day to day life? How much compassion, kindness and awareness is flowing out of them in their daily tasks and-primarily-  how healthy is their body after their food intake has decreased? (And…has it?)

Pranism is a form of Yoga

In this respect, we feel called to present some insights on how to choose the right path towards more pranic consciousness, as living on prana and living in pranic consciousness are – ultimately – a form of yoga (as in yoga=yug=union with the Divine essence). And hence, the sacredness of this path goes way beyond “doing” a process or having an intermittent fasting time, and goes deeper into becoming a lifestyle and a spiritual path.

Pranic Consciousness, as living on prana and living in awareness is - ultimately - a form of yoga (as in yoga=yug=union with the Divine essence). The Pranic World Book by Cristiana Eltrayan

Like any other spiritual path, the methods and teachers you choose must be adapted to your typology:

– for those with a strong mind-body connection and a mental-oriented being, the mind-body programming works best and it can give quick results. Programming the cells into understanding that light is nourishment is tremendously helpful, as they have learned the contrary through centuries and centuries of programming. Helping the body re-learn how to be energized via inner and natural elements is one of the greatest sciences of this bio-computer that we call the physical body and some have succeeded by setting their minds to that.

– for those that are more inclined to an artistic, airy-fairy nature, the mind programming might not be enough, as they are not, by their nature, a strong mental structure; therefore, what might work for them is opening to more love and compassion, in the form of helping others, working with babies, selfless service in general, and working with the universal energy into the heart chakra and the physical cells (several meditations have been posted on my youtube channel and they all begin with this practice).  Also couple love and Tantra might work for them, but awareness and centering are necessary on that path, as it comes with ups and downs.

– for the ones that are inclined towards solitude and deep spiritual practices, spending time in nature and working with sound and mantras, as well as sun-gazing, might be the best options, as it suites their character to go deeper into a practice while inclined to stay isolated. Sometimes, though, changing the habits and opening up to more like-minded social interaction might be the very key to their deepening into pranic consciousness, but…whenever one is ready.

– those inclined to profound divine connection in prayer are maybe helped by choosing a deity and communing with her up to the point where she transfers her Grace onto them, as has been the case of Pralad Jani and Giri Bala. Their social and religious education, as well as their background is naturally inclined towards this path.

– those more inclined to physical sports and movement, taking on a good exercise practice, combined with consciously following how the energy moves and circulates are very helpful; also, monitoring the diet and the necessities of the body in terms of fuel and rest are adding to this. Treating the body like a temple, choosing the right body-care products, as well as the right clothing and fabric  can be of great help in how prana flows through the body and is used as nourishment.

So, as you see, there are so many paths and methods and while they can all be combined into one Pranic Consciousness Process, they can also be practiced individually, according to your inner structure. The most important thing is not to insist on a method that does not suite you, and…always choose what brings you joy. As, ultimately, joy and happiness are the best frequencies that allign us to prana and as I have experiences all the methods above, I ultimately came to adapt the every day practice to what makes my heart sing at the moment.”

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