Pranic Detox Methods – Part 1


As I traveled to many countries in many days, being a speaker in all the pranic gatherings around the world, today I am beginning to write about the wonders of these journeys. This is the beginning of the Pranic World Book and soon it will be ready for printing as many adventures have gathered in my heart. I wish you all benefit from these writings , as my heart pours into them.

But let’s start with the beginning…

Pranic Festivals & Pranic People

As I got back to Italy at the beginning of the summer, I got imbued in the energy of the Pranic Festival: many people, many nations lots of prana, full days of work, many surprises, outstanding colleagues! As the guests were coming and I was doing my job, heaven started opening and love was pouring in, incessantly, with all the support and Grace that Heaven showers over us  when we’re doing a good job. As this is the sign of human evolution: when people really open and believe that a higher consciousness IS possible, that healthy communities with harmonious sharing ARE possible, then paradise on Earth is revealed.

Pranic festivals are always a blast for me: they show me the best of humanity, the highest of community consciousness. And they also show me the pain and struggle of the human angels that are trying to accept humanness: people coming from higher realms, very delicate, very tender sometimes, wishing and aiming to be the best versions of themselves, gathering together to share this wish and learn from each other. As they share their knowledge and wisdom, they truly bring forth new realities, creating new possibilities for the whole humanity to evolve.

In each festival I saw portals opening above the gathering and each participant being nourished by the energy of them, and also nourishing back the portal with their knowledge and wisdom, that is then to be sent out into the Universe. Each portal is connecting to the other portals opened along the planet with the other pranic festivals, and so they form a grid that nourishes the planet and holds the frequency of pranic nourishment and pranic consciousness, helping all that are ready for this to tap into it. Sooo amazing to witness! My highest wish is to be a part of this and hold space for this to be channeled through, on Earth.

There is no ONE way to pranic living. The most important part of it is alligning to the prana frequency and allowing it to circulate through and nourish the body. Cristiana Eltrayan


Pranic Processes

My main work at the first pranic festival was to help people understand that there is no one way to pranic living. The most important part of it is alligning to the prana frequency and allowing it to circulate through and nourish the body. Most of the people I met had the belief that it is going to be a short process and then  – puff! – the pranic frequency is suddenly attained, never to leave us again in this lifetime! But the experience I’ve had with all the pranic people I’ve interviewed for the Pranic Cosnciousness Summit and also with all the ones that I’ve met at the festivals, most of them being my friends, is that the pranic journey is…a journey. And, as any journey, it might have twists and turns, ups and downs, and sometimes even ins and outs. Because, generally, the body system is like an antenna or a radio station and sometimes it takes a while to fine-tune to the right channels that bring the best, most beneficial music to nourish it.

At the festivals I met people coming out of 10-days, 8-days, 11-days, 9-days processes or darkroom, expecting to have integrated fully the pranic experience and never to get back to the normal ways of eating again. Experience showed me that, most of the times, the pranic process is just the beginning, and most of the journey follows after, to some. The pranic integration also depends on the type of lifestyle that one has had before the process, and also of the lifestyle that one adopts after. One that has been a long time meditator, or lived in fine communion with the Un over si through various practices, like music, selfless service, devotion, yoga, even sports (to some extent), can integrate the pranic initiation easier and maintain a harmonious rhythm after, as his antenna is already tuned to allign to this pranic frequency. On the other hand, one that has had a common lifestyle until the process, maybe whole full days at the computer, or hours of working in a beta-brainwave frequency and in a  mostly unconscious way of operating through life, might have a fabulous breakthrough and awakening with the pranic process, it might recall some initiations and skills from other lifetimes, if any, but then a lifestyle and frequency allignment in the day-to-day life is necessary for the body to be nourished by prana only.

             Pranic Detox

As I’ve studied various ways of allignment to this pranic field, I am now summing up the main steps:

1. Physical body detox

The body is the recipient, the holder of prana, and it has to be clear and clean for it to be able to store energy and be nourished by it. The main detox methods that I’ve used are as per below:

a. Getting rid of parasites

The colon and digestive system stores micro-organisms that are not beneficial and that are literally “eating off” the energy, making you feel depleted or craving for toxic food that eventually creates residues that feed these micro-organisms. To be able to hold prana in your body and lose the cravings, you need to send these micro-organisms away. The procedure is simple and easy to do, it just implies taking some herbs or natural anti-parasite remedies from a naturist shop. Ask your local herb shops for the best solution for this; what I feel called to recommend is to also introduce some Aloe Vera in your diet along with it, as the Aloe Vera juice literally washes away and detoxes the body after these micro-organisms are neutralized. I’ll tell you more this magic juice in a bit, just know that it’s been considered the immortals drink by the Egyptians and other ancient cultures, and for a good reason!

b. Detoxing the digestive systems and main organs

As you go through the first step, you might notice your mood improves and your health gets better, but still there might be some deeper step to do to have a clean, healthy body. You’ve surely heard of the benefits of juicing and how the fruits have literally a detoxing role for the whole organism, but knowing the right ones to include in your juice can also triple the effect.

Feel free to use large amounts of citrus fruits juices and all those that contain vitamin C, also include pineapple, beetroot and so on, and add ginger to almost everything if you fancy the taste, as it’s great for digestive cleansing and much more.

Aloe Vera, the magic juice I was mentioning earlier, also has fabulous effects and I personally use it like a nutrient nowadays, because it has a bunch of energy and to me it’s literally the Sun force condensed in a leaf. But, on top of that, it has also a strong effect of detoxing the liver and kidneys, the main filters of the body, plus an overall anti-parasites and anti-fungi effect. Make sure you include it in your daily diet and mix it with other juices or drink it pure if you like the taste.

Turmeric is also very beneficial if you have an excess of acidity or overall inflammation in the body, as this condition does not allow prana to flow freely. The body must first go back to an alkaline state and relax fully on the inside, to be able to allign. Turmeric is also called “the golden powder” for a reason: not only it reverses all inflammatory processes and alkalinises the body, but it also has a strong detox effect. Include it in your diet with caution (maybe also see a naturopath about it), it might work wonders for your general detox and bring a new vibe to your body. Golden milk (a mix of vegetable milk and turmeric) is renown for its positive detox and energizing effects, used in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times.

Watermelon  – for most, it might have been neglected or thought of as “just a fruit”, but it’s effects are magical for kidneys, digestive system and overall energy levels. Make sure you also include the seeds and enjoy gallons of it through your juicing/detox process. Just don’t combine it too much with other fruits, as it works best when served alone.

There’s many other detox methods that I might recommend, but once you focus on that, just ask that you find the best method and find your own path through it, as every human system is a complex, unique design. Just make sure you check your liver and gallbladder for stones (the liver ones are usually not visible at a regular hospital scan) and also detox your kidneys and the rest flows by itself :).

c. Detoxing the programs that bring parasites in your body

This might feel a little far-stretched to some, but those of you who know about mental and energy re-programming(and energy work in general) know that any physical manifestation or ailment is the product of a mental and energetic programming. Removing and replacing the programs that bring and maintain the parasites in the body ensures the overall extermination of them and not just a temporary detox. In my work I do this regularly, using the Soul Healing  therapy  and the main mental programs that generate this are the victim mentalities, the view of “the world as an enemy” and the “savior” behavior, but there are many others that can bring to these physical results. So, mental and energy detox go hand in hand with and stabilize the physical one.

2. Emotional body detox

The emotional body is one of the main triggers for the excess of food.  Emotional toxins accumulated keep you in a state of need: the feeling that you need something from the outside, and the first thing you head to is food. detoxing the emotional body  is a deep work, as emotions are structured in layers, from the most obvious ones  – the ones that are bursting out – to the most subtle ones, the ones that trigger unconscious behaviors and that are invisible for the common observer, usually accumulated in your system for lifetimes.

Emotional body detox starts with awareness: the feeling of being aware  of what you feel. Denying the emotion just because it makes you “less spiritual” is one of the most painful ways to treat your emotional body, and it’s only going to bring trouble. because the stuck, denied emotions are pushed under the carpet and turned into subconscious wounds as they are neglected.

So, step one is awareness and acknowledging how you feel. Then, step two is the cleansing and releasing of the emotional pattern. This can be done by various types of meditation, conscious visualization etc., but the most efficient method I know is using the Six Healing Sounds and the Taoist Emotional Intelligence technique, where you see exactly which organ holds that emotion and which sound and energy color to use for releasing it. It’s an awesome  method that I’ve learned from the Daoist master Mantak Chia and that I’ve practiced for the last 5-6 years and also taught in various classes, online and live.  To help people with using this technique, we’ve also created the Healing meditation for Thyroid, Communication and Creativity, that guides through the structured work of energizing and cleansing each organ and endocrine gland, allowing you to bring new, fresh prana in your body and emotional system. For me, working with this technique has been a big step in the pranic journey, as it helped me cleanse and ground my energy, by daily focusing on my internal organs and systems, bringing more energy in the physical body.

Also, one fabulous thing that has totally changed my emotional perception was the Essential Oils Therapy (aroma therapy). I’ve used the essential oils for more than 4 years now, on myself and with my patients and the more I discover them, the more they fascinate me through their power of healing.  Therapeutic grade natural oils are important, because one can find many versions in stores, not all of them coming from real plants ;).

How to use them: I add them in my coconut oil and massage my body after the bath, add them in my bath tub, diffuse them in my room and also add them in my water, to harmonize from the inside out. Plants have a magick power of healing and the right combination can have outstanding effect on the emotional body, as well as on the physical. Plus, the self-massage in itself has oustanding effect o  emotional healing, because you literally pour love in your cells, through the palms of your hands. If you add a pure grade essential oil to it, it increases the effect and works at a deeper level, allowing your cells to open, absorb the energy of it, and heal the emotional pattern that is stored there. I will continue to write about this detox and healing technique on my website, so stay tuned.

The cellular memory is cleansed with healing sounds (we recommend the Reif frequencies used by Elke Neher) and the digeridoo, but also other methods of sound healing, like crystal bowls, tibetan gongs, or the daily routine of chanting mantras into your cells. We know we are 80 % water, so the power of chanting is obvious, according to Masaru Emoto’s studies on the sound effect upon water (including the water in our  bodies). Deep, emotional wounds are released with sound therapy, aroma therapy and, of course, the Soul Healing therapy that goes way beyond the emotional trauma of this lifetime, opening and searching into other lifetimes as well.

Crystals are also efficient for emotional healing, but mastery is required, as the effects can be powerful.

Another powerful practice is red tantra, but that, of course, requires deep awareness of what’s coming out, otherwise you’re just gonna blame you partner and the outside world,as it’s way easier to look outside for the responsible in a situation.

3. Mental body detox

a. Detoxing the mental body is one of the subtlest works and it, as well, has many layers. The first layer would be to acknowledge, observe the connection between the food you eat and the type of thoughts you have. By observing this connection you’ll be able to choose your food wiser in order to have better thoughts. In our book “Get Seduced By Your Own Life”, we explain in detail the connection between food and inner states (emotions, thought patterns), so you might want to check it and go deeper into this ancient knowledge that has been studied and referred to by ancient yogis, Ayurvedic doctors, Chinese naturopaths and so on.  Lightening-up the diet naturally brings a clearer, more sattvic* nature of your thoughts, but it’s not a guarantee for it’s long lasting. It’s just the first step.

The “second brain” we have in the guts is the logical, scientific, explanation for food-thoughts connection, but there are other, more subtle causes as well. For example, the fact that food is energy and, essentially, information, and depending on the information that you put in your body you’ll get a certain end-result in your mind. And the other way around, of course.

b. The second step of mind detox is the awareness re your sources of information. TV or main stream media news is not “keeping yourself informed”, it’s mind pollution, as the main stream media only reports 5% of the reality – the negative, fear-based, one. To be able to stay in touch with the other 95% of the reality, and with the “good news” on what’s happening on this planet, you have to keep your eye on reliable sources of information that feed your mind with he good , uplifting stuff that’s going on. Otherwise you’re just gonna think that this planet is a sad, unsafe place, and your mind is gonna feed that back into your reality…

Positive news channels? We recommend the Positive News page of the Embassy of Peace, also the Resonance Academy –  created by Nassim Haramein & team – for outstanding, uplifting science discoveries, our website and Fb pages (Pranic Cosnciousness Process, Embassy of Peace Romania, Pranic Consciousness Summit, Pranic Festival in Romania, Soul Healing Holistic Therapy) and here’s a top of 15 uplifting positive news websites. 

Why do this? Because you might want to be a guardian at your mind’s gate and  not let in all the junk that’s being fed out there. Selecting your sources of information is just like selecting your food, only it refers to the food for thought.

Also, a quick, final reference to this: I see many people trying to be pranic and still dwelling into the conspiracy  theory mindset, the game of “us and them”, and a fear-based mindset that’s not going to make one any wiser or safer, but it’s just keeping humanity in an orb of insecurity and separation. Solution? Forget all about it and know that we are watched, protected and in harmony and whatever manifests IS for the highest good and it’s a part of the awakening, cleansing and polarity game. Yes, even the children dying and all that!…

c. Another important step is choosing your opinions – the things you accept as true and possible – wisely. A statement is not a fact just because some authority, “PhD guy” says so. Science has eons to allign to reality from the divine perspective and so far it’s just catching glimpses of what’s possible… So, from this perspective, an authority is one that has shown outstanding results, not just read books and did some calculus.

So, back to choosing what to believe in: we filter everything we hear with this statement: ” Is this belief making me limitless, or limited?”. If the answer inclines to the second version, the statement is disregarded and canceled. We don’t say that this is the best way to all, but to always analyze the facts and do your own research is wise before taking something as a fact. You can’t pollute your mind with false but interesting ideas, just for the sake of being “smart”.

d. A deeper , more subtle mind detox has to do with observing your mind tendencies

To be continued…

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