Chi/Prana – The Energy That Nourishes Us All


The Chi energy, or you may call it Prana, Orgon, Mana, or „Light“, surrounds us everywhere. Also in the absence of visible light, it enters our body. So every human being is living to a certain degree on „light“, meaning with this direct Chi assimilation.In China the mysterious energy of life is called Chi.  Chi is used in acupuncture and martial arts and shows very real effects.

In the medical Qigong, it is taught that the Qi energy not only enters through food and breath into the body, but there are also direct ways for the entry through the skin.

A study published in the  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that human bodies ,are at least partly, powered by an unknown source:


A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that human bodies ,are at least partly, powered by an unknown source -

Peer reviewed scientific studies showed that human bodies produce much more energy than they consume calorically. The scientists had no explanation for the “energy out of nothing” and just called it “unmeasured energy”. Eastern medical traditions already know for millennia that the body is also nourished in a non caloric way – the direct QI (or Prana as in Ayurvedic medicine).

The teachings of Medical Qigong state that some people possess by nature a better ability to absorb QI directly, without the detour via food. And it is also possible to enhance this ability with Qigong or Yoga or other energetic practices.

It is said that in some people the direct assimilation of QI can be so high that they reach a state of BIGU, meaning literally „without bread“ but filled with QI. Medical Qigong describes three states of Bigu: The lightest state: Drinking normally and eating very little like a few nuts or fruits per week. State Two: Only Drinking. And the final and absolute state of Bigu: No drinking and eating at all.

Dr. Li (1)
Dr. tcm. Qi Duan Li speaks about the possibility of non caloric nutrition

The Vice President of the International Medical Qigong Association Dr. tcm. Qi Duan Li states:

Qi is part of the invisible side of our bodies and Chinese medicine says: We live on Qi. But this ancient wisdom also tells us that one does not need to draw Qi necessarily from food. That means if I don´t eat and I open my body, I can directly live from nature and energy. Of course not everybody can attain this state.“

During the Pranic COnsciousness Summit we interviewed more than 20 specialists in pranic nourishment (the state of being nourished by chi) and pranic science (the science of using and harnessing free energy), to be able to comprehend this possibility and how it works. Each one has his own method, but they all agree that a balanced lifestyle and meditation are a part of the process. The interviews can be accessed here.

In the Wudang Mountains in China this state of BIGU was first described more than 2000 years ago.  Wudang Kung Fu Master Yuan Limin told me during my research:

„For ages there have been people in the Wudang Mountains who have achieved the BIGU state. These people can go without food for years. In order to experience BIGU one has to reach a certain level. If you try to attain the BIGU state by force you can cause your body great harm“.

Meister You im Laub
Kung Fu Grandmaster You Xuande in the Wudang Mountains

But obviously, it is not only the individual condition that is important for BIGU, „Living on light“, „Breathariansim“ or however we may call it. The environment is also important, meaning the amount and quality of Qi surrounding the human body, as Wundang Kung Fu Grandmaster You Xuande states:

„To practice BIGU it is best to choose a clean environment. In cities our Qi-fields are often disrupted and chaotic. Pollution influences our Qi-fields and impairs the energy intake of the human body. There is a Taoist saying: He who is filled with Qi needs no food.“ Source

To learn how this is possible for you, there’s a training that can help you gradually decrease your food intake :



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