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We all know how difficult it is sometimes to get a full picture of what’s in your mind. Sometimes it tends to run around like a heard of wild horses and focus seems to be a difficult task: images, fragments of the last hour conversation, a subtle mental talk with your best friend or lover, maybe even a “mental fight” with a Facebook message fellow…all that while you’re trying to work, or carefully drive your car! Well, that’s a main issue on the pranic path, as a cluttered mind is gonna ask for a cluttered diet.

As I was writing about pranic detox methods in this previous article, which is actually a fragment of the new Pranic World Book that I’ve begun to write, I got to the point where I was talking about methods of “detoxing” the mind. Because, yes, the mind tends to accumulate many programs and thought patterns that often are not only useless but can be harmful for your life.

So, here we continue Part 1 of this article:

d. A deeper , more subtle mind detox has to do with observing your mind tendencies. The common mind has some habitual patterns that can be observed, and these have to do with over-generalizing, blowing things out of proportions, taking things personally, choosing the worst-case scenario to imagine, and so on…These mental tendencies are a big mass influence and so it takes awareness and determination to overcome them. Meditation helps a lot because it brings mind clarity and better focus while going along with your daily tasks, but it takes more than that for a good mental hygiene. Ancient sages always say never to leave your mind unattended, never to give it space for excessive fantasy and wondering around, as this is said to be a big waste of energy, but also a means of unconscious creation.

“Where the mind goes, Chi will follow”, an ancient Taoist proverb says, so there’s a big waste of energy in having role-plays in your mind and inventing situations that have no support base in reality. The sages recommend (and I confirm) using mantras every step of the way to fill your mind with an uplifting vibration and also to cleanse the lower tendencies that it has learned, maybe for lifetimes. Japa Yoga, the yoga of constantly repeating mantras, is very efficient for those with a powerful, but agitated mind. It helps tame it and give it the right direction, instead of leaving it wonder around like a heard of wild horses.

How to use this practice:  choose your favorite mantra or affirmation (or a set of them) and repeat them in your mind wherever you are: when you’re driving, washind dishes, cleaning, walking, or whenever you don’t have to literally USE your mind for calculus or conversation. In all the other moments, when you’re on “auto-pilot mode”, the mind gets imprinted with external, subliminal messages or with the ideas of others( that get picked up from the overall energy field). So repeating a mantra is like choosing your own channel that you want to stay tuned to, instead of randomly listening to whatever is displayed at the TV.

Never tried that? Well, try it out and share some feedback!

e) A 5’th, but not less important mental detox step has to do with actually detoxing the “second brain”, the gut area and digestive system. As many mental tendencies are actually coming from the toxins of the physical body, a good enema now and then, or a salt water flush, plus daily cleansing your nose with sea salt water can work wonders with your work accuracy. These are, again, ancient yogic recommendations, but they are highly applied today in modern holistic centers and even high class clinics. And yes, you can try this at home, but only with the right tools and knowledge that you can find all-over Google now.

Also, the liver-gallbladder detox that we were mentioning in the first paragraph is very  effective on mind clarity (see Part 1, Paragraph 1b) is very efficient on mind clarity as well.

f. And last, but not least, always question your mind!We know, to some of you mind is one of the most reliable tools, but we’re here to say that…well, it’s not! When not well guarded and consciously “decorated”, mind is just a deposit of programs, many of them borrowed from family, society, lifetimes of journeying and so on, plus things  you pick-up energetically from the collective field or your dear ones, things that are as un-authentic and illusory as a breeze of wind (or even more so).

So, always question your mind ( belief systems and thinking patterns ) by asking yourself: “Why do I think so?”. And no matter how many arguments and “facts” your mind would bring you…if it doesn’t feel right, just forget it! Remember, your intuition knows best, as it’s connected to your Self.

Always question your belief systems and thinking patterns by asking yourself: Why do I think so?. And no matter how many arguments and ,facts, your mind would bring you...if it doesn't feel right, just forget it! The Pranic World Book Cristiana Eltrayan

These would be the first steps of a 3-part full detox, for a deep, long-lasting, sustained pranic journey.  We will continue with more in the next chapter, as this book unfolds to us! Stay tuned!

This is a fragment of the Pranic World Book by Cristiana Eltrayan.

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