Pranic Divesity – How to Tap Into The Pranic Field


As I was writing about pranic detox methods in this previous article  (which is a fragment of the new Pranic World book that I’ve begun to write) we have to take care of each of our systems – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical – to be able to maintain the pranic levels high. And I was sharing that there is no universal recipe for everyone each one has his own, unique, blueprint and patterns. There are, however a few common guidelines than can help one maintain his high pranic levels while dealing with the daily rhythm.

As I spent my last few years researching and interviewing people that are nourished by prana, also creating the online Pranic Consciousness Summit that contains all these interviews on an online platform), I had the opportunity to dive deeper into each one’s way of living, pranic methods and also the ups and downs of their journeys. To be able to have a close conversation with each one of these pranic teachers and ask them about the revelations and setbacks on their pranic journeys has been an honor and a revelation to me as well. We have “immortalized” outstanding talks with these paradigm-shifters, like Olga Podorovskaya, Jasmuheen, Mantak Chia, Nassim Haramein, Elitom El-Amin and many others, and to the date of this writing (18/11/17) we have more than 20 interviews, and still continuing to create new ones.

This all has helped me understand and demonstrate again that there’s no one unique recipe to pranic living and that we all have our distinct blueprint and steps on this journey.

For example, some pranic people have attained this state through meditation and lifestyle (for many years), then followed by a process that reminded their cells how to use light for nourishment. They have been able to then preserve that initiation and  this way of nourishment because of their commitment to being a pure channel for light and because of their lifestyle that has preserved that state. This was the case for Jasmuheen, Elitom El-Amin, Olga Podorovskaya and many others .

To some, it has been slightly different: they started with meditation, for many years, then they got into the verve of study and research, keeping themselves tuned into higher channels of knowledge, while also spending lots of time in silence in nature. This has increased their frequency and kept them into a state of not needing physical food, because their heightened state of consciousness, plus good mental nourishment through study, plus nature, have maintained high levels of prana in their bodies. This is the case with Nassim Haramein, Pascal Martelli, Michael Werner and others. So, it’s all about the combination of factors that works for a certain individual.

For others it’s been about the health issues:  they had an illness to resolve and they started decreasing the amount of food, then did a process and then maintained the pranic state through their daily practice (either Chi Kung, The 5 Tibetans, meditation and so on). This was the case of Henri Monfort, Martin Brunko and others, who moved from the business system to the pranic system effortlessly when the body was ready. Again, a different, more mental way of attaining the state, that was maybe more suited to their construction.

Others just transitioned smoothly into that state through changing their attitude about life: like Erika Witthuhn has had the experience of not feeling hungry for a long time and therefore she has stopped eating regularly because of the lack of this necessity. She, of course, practiced meditation and other things, bot the main key for her was the optimism and general attitude that have raised her vibration to the point of…feeling nourished.

For others it has been a long, conscious emotional healing, combined with the constant listening to the body: Gaston Bacchiani, Camilla Castillo and others have worked diligently on their emotional bodies to be able to then transition into a lighter diet, based on juices and mostly prana. Yes, they were meditating and living a conscious life but it was eventually the emotional detox that has helped them shift into this state, and Gaston has even practicing and winning marathons while on this diet. So, there are no physical limit to how fit and strong you can be in this pranic journey.

For others it was just… Grace! Being in a state of adoration and trust can also bring that gift and such was the case of Pralad Jani, who has received this gift in meditation from who he calls to be a goddess of compassion. He, from there on, did not have the need of eating or drinking and his body has naturally transmuted denser substances, like urine, turning them into energy. The movie “In The Beginning There Was Light” has his statements about how this has happened, and medical tests have been made on him to show that this is true. So, meditation and grace would be the key for him.

I am tempted to compare these above keys to pranic life to the types of yoga, in which also grace, knowledge, adoration, and diligent self-conscious work play an important role in alligning to a blissful state. Cristiana Eltrayan - Pranic World Book

So, as you see, each one receives this gift in a different way, according to his own blueprint. Trying to apply what another has done might be helpful, but eventually you have to find your own combination of “ingredients” that would naturally help you tap into a lighter, pranic, diet.

My journey with prana

And for those of you who were wondering about my journey, well, my journey with prana has been weird, still, it’s interesting as a field of study.

My first experience of living without food has happened when I was 14 and I lived with just one apple every couple of days, and some cereal biscuit, in very small quantities, for quite a while. At that time I was going through my parents divorce, so I guess it was my way of transmuting and recalibrating the energies in the house. For when our bodies increase frequency we are able to raise the vibration of the biofields around us (house, city, country, planet).

Then, I went back to normal food after it was done, became a vegetarian at 17 and I was also meditating within a crystal every day, a technique I learned early in my searches about numerology, philosophy, art, palm reading and other things that would draw my attention as a child. Then I forgot all about it at 19, when I got my first full time job in parallel with my full time university studies. I became far too busy and distracted to be able to focus again attention on abstract things. Then, at 27/28, ten years later, I started meditating again and shifted back into vegetarianism and deeper daily spiritual practices that included a few hours of yoga, Chi Kung, meditation, holistic study, therapy practice and so on. This has shifted my vibration again to a rhythm that could integrate more prana in my body.

It was then that I met Jasmuheen  and I learned that there is the possibility of living without physical food. It seemed all natural to me and I had no doubt that this was 100% possible, but I was not eager to “try” it. For me,at that time,  the attention was focused on purifying my mind and structure the aspects of my personality so that I can be more alligned and coherent to mySelf. Two years later I went into the Darkroom retreat, for the pleasure of the spiritual experience, as I knew it involved 10 days in silence&meditation in a dark room, so it seemed suitable and alligned to the practice I was having at home.

There we lived on prana or juices (optional) for 10 days, in pitch dark, which reminded me that I can go well without food. As I went home and did not have the need to eat for a month or so, I was just taking a juice or half a fruit per day, and some number of days I couldn’t swallow any food as there was a purer energy coming down my throat, nourishing my body and maintaining it in a very high state. I was going out, having meetings, organizing food-based events (as this was my job), roller skating and walking a lot. My body did not feel tired, maybe sometimes weird as I was releasing a lot of toxins and pain from my system, but the rest of the journey was fine.

I did not have any ambition of being fully pranic, I still don’t, I just enjoyed the possibility and the feeling of it while it was manifesting for me, so I did not push back into food for a while. One day, still, I gave in to the pressure and advice of a dear one, and cooked myself a vegan meal. After having eaten some of it, I had such terrible pain in my body that I felt I was going to disintegrate. I would lay on the floor and pray as there was nothing else I knew or had the power to do, and finally after some prayers, the pancreas released the pain and things went back to normal.

I was doing daily meditation, Yoga or Chi Kung or meditative dance (as movement), I was spending at least one hour in nature, in long walks or just reading outside, I took one day of mauna (silence) each week, a habit that I still practice now, and used mantras and music to recalibrate my mental and emotional body.  Also, I felt deep devotion and trust in my light being friends, that included Mother Mary, The Christed One (called Jesus), Quan Yin, Saint Germain and a group of angellics that would guide me through my journey at that point. So, prayer, or this type of friendly communion with them, was a big part of my lifestyle at that point.

At some point, my body slowly transitioned back to vegan food, as my mind and emotional system were not ready for a full pranic living, but this time it was very light, very conscious way of eating, more like small quantity snacks, and I would know exactly what my body needed and what emotion was triggered by each food, almost like playing with the octaves in a song. That was in 2013.

Since then my body knows when to go fully on prana and it basically acts like a hybrid car: when it’s time for work, large masses of people,it goes on prana or juices, no need for food for days or weeks. When I get into a warmer, emotional environment, maybe family time or going out with friends, it wants to have fun with tasting and I give it some light food, maybe a soup or light snack, maybe some sweet stuff like hot chocolate or fruits with chocolate cream. It likes it and it doesn’t become cluttered because I use small amounts and it’s quick to transmute. I also do a “magick trick”: whenever I eat I ask that food is transformed into the most beneficial energy for me, or I offer it to some light friend that I know liked that food while on earth (Mother Mary likes oats and cinnamon, for example) and it naturally transmutes and nourishes that divine part of me. Because at the energy  level we’re all one and they’re all aspects of mySelf. So transmuting food is so easy and fun to practice.

To fully trust my body that it naturally goes to the pranic state when it needs to is the biggest gift to me,as it keeps me away from mental, personal ambitions. - Cristiana Eltrayan - Pranic World Book

This way, I don’t keep myself fixated in any system or belief and I have the freedom to choose my fuel. I feel I have nothing to prove to myself and my consciousness goes beyond food, plus to fully trust my body that it naturally goes to the pranic state when it needs to is the biggest gift to me,as it keeps me away from mental, personal ambitions.

For a while now am just having juices and smoothies made of fruits and seeds and I’m feeling great. I still enjoy tasting and having fun with friends, but when busy or in my “natural” state, my body prefers not to have to digest. I’ve never been into binging or craving for the past few years, so when my body asks me for some specific fruit, sweet or soup, I fully trust that there is a purpose to it and often times it helps connect to the energy of a person or country that frequently uses that nourishment, like an energy synthonisation.

My body has had interesting experiences during these journeys: I have experienced becoming “immaterial”(or invisible) a few times, and sometimes this has happened on the street, almost getting hit by a bus in the process. This is all natural, as when our cells change frequency they can literally be “in another vibration” and cases have been reported when people would literally dematerialize their bodies, only to appear again later, sometimes in another location. This is a natural result of a frequency shift and, as our bodies go more from a carbon-based to a crystal-based structure, this experience will be more frequent to some.

Also, I have experienced sensing the temperature and fragrances of a different place on the planet, as if I was physically there, although my physical body  was present at home. Also, my friends have reported seeing me in a gathering while my physical body was at home: they would describe my outfit and hair as if I would literally be there. I am not always aware of these journeys, sometimes my consciousness travels so vastly that my mind doesn’t keep track of it all (this happens to most of us). But I later get hints and clues of my journeys and they are very useful for my physical journey as well. Some of them  are widely reported in my book, “Belive In Miracles!” .

So, to me, pranic consciousness is much more than the state of living without food… It’s literally about how vast and wide your consciousness can encompass and how kind and loving you can be in the physical plane.

But I got a little distracted here, talking about my experience…let’s go back to the Pranic World, shall we?

To be continued 🙂

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